Monday, November 10, 2014

Ghost of Mae Nak 2005 นาค รักแท้/วิญญาณ/ความตาย

 Released Year: 2005
Directed by Mark Duffield

Casted by:
Pataratida as Nak
Siwat Chotchaicharin as Mak
Porntip Papanai as Mae Nak
Jaran Ngamdee as Por Mak
Meesak Nakarat as Angel
Set in modern Bangkok, the life of groom Mak is disturbed, by successive nightmares with a ghost woman, Mae Nak, an ancient Thai legend. He meets his beloved fiancée Nak to acquire an antique brooch and an old abandoned house in Phra Khanong through an unscrupulous real estate agent Angel and they decide to buy the property.

After their wedding, two small-time thieves break into the house and steal their gifts and other objects. Mak happens to see the criminals on the streets of Bangkok selling his goods. He chases the burglars and they run their van over Mak, who falls into a deep coma. The ghost Mae Nak protects the young couple against Angel and the burglars, but in return she holds the soul of Mak.

Nak finds the remains of Mae Nak in an ancient cemetery, and with some monks, they exorcise Mae Nak from Mak using the ancient brooch and release her spirit.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment
The storyline is not bad, like the way how they cut off the forehead bone and make it into a thingy to capture the spirit. This is not a ghost movie which simply scares you out of nowhere but it based a lot on the relationship between the actors & actresses as well.

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