Friday, October 10, 2014

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by Oliver Stone

Casted by:
Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko
Shia LaBeouf as Jacob "Jake" Moore
Josh Brolin as Bretton James
Carey Mulligan as Winnie Gekko
Eli Wallach as Julius Steinhardt
Susan Sarandon as Jake's Mother
In 2001, Gordon Gekko is released from prison after serving eight years for insider trading and securities fraud. Seven years later, Gekko is promoting his new book Is Greed Good? - warning about the coming economic downturn. His estranged daughter, Winnie, runs a small news website and is dating Jacob Moore, a top proprietary trader at Keller Zabel Investments (KZI). Jacob is a protégé of managing director Louis Zabel, and is trying to raise money for a fusion research project which would create massive amounts of clean energy for the world.

After Keller Zabel's stock loses more than 50% of its value, Louis Zabel tries to arrange a bailout for KZI from other Wall Street banks but is blocked by Bretton James, head of rival firm Churchill Schwartz, which Louis Zabel had refused to bail out eight years earlier. The next morning Louis Zabel kills himself by jumping in front of a subway train because he cannot handle the stress and embarrassment of losing his company. Distraught, Jacob proposes marriage to Winnie, who accepts. Later, he approaches Gordon Gekko after a lecture. Gekko tells Jacob that Keller Zabel's collapse started when rumors of the company having toxic debt started to spread. Jacob and Gekko arrange a trade: Jacob will try to reconcile Winnie and Gekko's relationship, and Gekko will gather information to destroy Bretton's career to seek revenge for Louis Zabel's suicide.

Aided by Gekko, Moore learns that Bretton James profited from the Keller Zabel collapse. In revenge, he spreads rumors about the nationalization of an African oil field owned by Churchill Schwartz. The company loses $120 million, and Bretton offers Moore a job, which he accepts determined to avenge Zabel. At his new job, Moore convinces Chinese investors to fund the fusion research he has been supporting. Bretton is impressed by Jacob's initiative and is also glad for the new investment.

As the economy starts to crumble, Winnie announces to Moore she is pregnant with a boy, and Bretton reveals to Moore that the Chinese investment is going into solar panels and fossil fuels instead of fusion research, which upsets Moore. Gekko proposes a solution, using a $100 million trust fund account in Switzerland, which Gekko set up for Winnie in the 1980s, to fund the research and save the company. She signs the money over to Moore who then entrusts it to Gekko to legitimize the funds for investment in the fusion research company. However, the money never arrives, and Gekko betrays his daughter and Moore by leaving the country with Winnie's $100 million. Jacob realizes that Gordon Gekko has been using him to get the money in the account for his own gain. Distraught, Jacob confesses to Winnie that he had been secretly meeting with Gekko. Winnie then asks Jacob to leave as she neither trusts him nor feels safe around him. Jacob leaves and they remain apart for most of Winnie's pregnancy.

Moore tracks Gekko to London where he is running a hedgefund-like financial company with the $100 million. Jacob proposes one last trade: Winnie gets her money back, and Gekko can participate in his grandson's life, yet Gekko refuses. Moore pieces together everything from Keller Zabel's collapse to the economic bailout of Bretton's company and gives the information to Winnie, telling her that revealing it will bring her website publicity and credibility. Winnie runs the story, and Bretton James is exposed. The investors leave Bretton and go to Gekko on the back of his $1.1 billion return as Bretton finds himself under intense legal scrutiny by the government. As Jacob finds Winnie in New York, Gekko appears and tells them that he deposited $100 million into the fusion research's account anonymously. He apologizes to Jacob and Winnie, who then reconcile. One year later, Gekko is seen at his grandson Louis ('Louie') first birthday party along with Jacob's mother and Jacob and Winnie's friends.
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment
I have been wanting to watch this movie few years ago and finally i found it. As the movie goes on, i slowly doze off into sleep and finally i realize this is not the movie that i would like to watch even though my fav Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf is here... The storyline is a bit bored and i...i...i dont really understand a lot of the things inside lol~

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