Monday, September 29, 2014

Tokyo Raiders 東京攻略

Released Year: 2000
Directed by  馬楚成 Jingle Ma

Casted by:
梁朝偉 Tony Leung as 林貴仁 Ren
鄭伊健 Ekin Cheng 畢大勇 Yong
陳慧琳 Kelly Chen as Macy
張柏芝 Cecilia Cheung as 沙織 Saori
仲村亨 Toru Nakamura as 高橋裕二 Takashi
阿部寬 Hiroshi Abe as 伊藤武 Ito
Macy is waiting for her fiancee Takashi to attend their wedding in LA, but he did not appear. Macy went back to Hong Kong and met with Yong, who is a body guard of her father (to pretend as interior designer), and together they depart to Tokyo to look for Takashi.

At Tokyo, interpol officer Ren is looking for Takashi as well. He pretends as a private inspector to get near Macy for more information. 3 of them was hunted by the gangster Ito. On a boat fight, Takashi beat down Ito, but he was also arrested by police with the help of Ren and Yong. In the end, Yong escort Macy back to Hong Kong.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:  
The storyline is kinda predictable, nothing special seriously. The most exciting part will be the fighting action part, it was carried out mostly by Ekin & Tony throughout the movie. For me, Kelly Chen is really an extra of this movie, i believe any actress can take her part if it weren't of her fame...

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