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A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella 西遊記大結局之仙履奇緣

 Released Year: 1995
Directed by 劉鎮偉 Jeffrey Lau

Casted by:
周星馳 Stephen Chow as 至尊寶 / 孫悟空 Joker / Monkey 
朱茵 Athena Chu as 紫霞 & 青霞 ZiXia & QinXia 
羅家英 Lo Kar Ying as 唐三藏 Longevity Monk
吳孟達 Ng Man Tat as 二當家 / 豬八戒 Pigsy 
蔡少芬 Ada Choi as 鐵扇公主 Princess Iron Fan
莫文蔚 Karen Mok as 白晶晶 / 白骨精 Bak Jing Jing
藍潔瑛 Yammie Lam as 春三十娘 / 蜘蛛精 Spider Woman
After travelling back in time, Joker discovers more about his past life and reunites with his master, Longevity Monk, and his fellows Pigsy and Sandy. However, he does not want to accept his fate as Monkey, because he just wants to get back Pandora's Box and return to 500 years later to save Bak Jing-jing. The fairy Zixia falls in love with him after he pulls out her sword from its scabbard because she once made a promise to love the person who can unsheathe her sword.

Zixia and Longevity Monk are captured by Bull King, who wants to take Zixia as his concubine and feast on the Monk's flesh to become immortal. Pigsy and Sandy try to rescue their master but the Monk refuses to leave unless Joker promises to fulfil his destiny. Joker goes off in search of Zixia, rescues her, and they flee from Bull King. In an ensuing fight between Joker and his companions against Bull King, Joker falls off a cliff and finds himself back in Waterfall Cave, where he meets Grandpa Buddha and Bak Jing-jing. Bak Jing-jing agrees to marry Joker initially, but she leaves later and tells him to save Zixia because she knows the one he truly loves is Zixia. Shortly after, Spider Woman comes to Waterfall Cave and kills everyone there, including Joker.

Joker, as a ghost, hears Guanyin's voice inside the cave again, reminding him about his destiny. He decides to accept his fate and puts on the golden headband, transforming into Monkey. He returns to the world and rushes off to Bull King's city to save his master and stop Bull King's wedding ceremony with Zixia. As he is now Monkey, he must relinquish all his human desires, including love, so he tells Zixia that he is not Joker and pretends to scorn her.

Monkey and Bull King engage in battle. When Bull King realises that he is losing, he uses Princess Iron Fan's magic fan to churn up strong winds that will blow the entire city towards the Sun. Monkey succeeds in stopping Bull King and saving everyone, but Zixia sacrifices herself to save him. As she dies, Monkey feels that he still loves her and his headband starts to tighten, giving him a headache. In anger, he beats up Bull King before escaping together with his master, Pigsy and Sandy, by using the Pandora's Box.

Monkey wakes up later and finds himself in a cave, but with his master and fellows this time. Outside the cave, in a busy city, Monkey sees the incarnations of Joker and Zixia in a standoff on top of a wall. He uses his powers to possess Joker's body and make Joker give Zixia a long and passionate kiss before leaving Joker's body. Joker recovers and is surprised to see himself locked in an embrace with Zixia, but accepts and continues the romance with her. They notice Monkey walking away in the crowd below. He does not turn back and continues on the journey to the west with his companions.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
Second part of the movie rounds up the queries and question marks of the first movie. Of course this comedy film doesn't really based on the fiction in 100%, therefore we were curious of what is gonna happen in this part. Showing in the same year, the second movie rank 1 spot higher than then first one and landed in number 5 of HK blockbuster in 1995. While Yammie, Karen & ManTat did not occur that much, Athena & Ada appeared in this second part is also a wonderful arrangement as well.

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