Thursday, May 16, 2013

Devil 2010

Released Year: 2010
Directed by John Erick Dowdle

Casted by:
Chris Messina as Detective Bowden
Logan Marshall-Green as Anthony "Tony" Janekowski "Mechanic"
Bojana Novakovic as Sarah Caraway "Young Woman"
Jenny O'Hara as the Devil  "Old Woman"
Bokeem Woodbine as Ben Larson "Guard"
Geoffrey Arend as Vince McCormick "Salesman"
Ramirez speaks in a voice-over about stories that his mother told him about the Devil sometimes actively seeking out individuals who have sinned, while they're still alive on Earth. While taking human form, he traps them in a confined place only to turn them against each other, before killing them one at a time. Ramirez explains that the last victim will die in front of his or her loved one to make cynics of them all, and in the end, all will die. He says that the signs are set in motion with a suicide, as that is when the Devil first makes his presence known. This story is abruptly interrupted by a violent suicide of a man who had fallen from the thirty-fifth floor of a Philadelphia office building; the truck he landed on rolls silently away from the scene.

Detective Bowden is a recovering alcoholic who is assigned to the case of the suicide. He later explains that the reason for his alcoholism was the hit and run death of his wife, and toddler son, five years prior, in which the perpetrator was never apprehended, leaving behind only a coupon ticket for a car wash with the words "I'm so sorry" written on the back. When he investigates the suicide, he determines that the truck originated from an office building down the block from where the victim was found. Meanwhile, five strangers board an elevator, which becomes stuck between floors just shortly after starting up to the upper floors. When security finds them, they notice that there is CCTV and a radio with which they can call into the elevator, but they have no way of hearing the passengers in return. Bowden takes the investigation regarding the elevator as it is the same building from which the suicide victim jumped.

Ramirez is revealed to be one of the security guards and is disturbed by an image of what looks like a screaming face frozen on the video monitor that flashes away. His boss Lustig dismisses the superstitious suspicions and sends repair technician Dwight to investigate the elevators while Bowden tries to ascertain the identities of the individuals. Only four of the five are accounted for: Vince McCormick, a sleazy mattress salesman known for investments and frauds; Sarah Caraway, the wife of a rich man who is a pathological liar and plans to leave her husband and take his money; Ben Larson, a temporary security guard with a history of violence, who is in only his second day on the job; Jane Kowski, an older woman who is seen on video to be a thief, and another man who later introduces himself as Tony, who does not appear to have signed in at the security desk.

The power goes out in the elevator and the lights start flashing. When they come on, Sarah appears to be wounded with what appears to be a bitemark. All suspicion is initially focused on Vince who has been edgy since the ride began. The lights start flashing and losing power, Sarah becomes queasy and sees a vision of everyone around her in the elevator slaughtered on the floor, even herself. There is another power failure and when the lights are back to focus, Vince is seen dead, thrown into the mirror only to have his jugular vein sliced. The others watch in horror as he dies, forcing Bowden to consider this a murder scene. Dwight attempts to rappel down the elevator shaft via a pulley to try to fix the elevator, but Ramirez says that the Devil will stop any attempts to help his victims, and Dwight's strap comes loose when he is knocked over by a flock of pigeons and plummets to the roof of the elevator, killing him and further scaring the people. The power goes out again and screams are heard from everyone. When it comes back, Jane is found hanging from the ceiling from a light cable, dead, causing both Sarah and Ben to accuse Tony while Tony swears his innocence. Tony then releases her from the cables that hang her from the ceiling, causing her body to fall to the floor.

Lustig goes to investigate the power in the basement and there finds a loose power cable that appears to be the cause of the elevator malfunction, but he is viciously electrocuted trying to fix the issue. Meanwhile in a men's room adjacent to the main lobby, Bowden finds a set of tools that Tony had brought in and briefly suspects he might be responsible for sabotaging the elevator. His suspicions then turn to Ben when he realizes that the building's security company, Caraway Security, is owned by Sarah's husband. Aware of Ben's violent past, he becomes convinced that Ben was hired to kill Sarah by her husband to keep her from leaving him broke, and that the two other murders were orchestrated to make the entire episode appear as a random serial killing. However Ben himself becomes the victim of the next blackout, when he winds up on the floor with his neck twisted around grotesquely, leaving the police further horrified and baffled.

The two remaining survivors, Sarah and Tony, face off with each other, but lower their weapons after Detective Bowden calms them down over the loudspeaker. Then there is another blackout and Sarah's throat is cut. As she struggles to breathe in Tony's arms, a woman claiming to be Tony's fiancee is brought before Bowden and informs him that Tony's last name is "Janekowski", and that he actually did sign in for a job interview, thus eliminating the possibility of the old woman's name being Jane Kowski.

As they realize this, the dead body of the old woman rises up behind Tony, pupils dilated and revealing herself to be Satan himself. Tony tries to bargain with her to save Sarah's life and sacrifice his own; she scoffs at this, revealing that she's going to kill him anyway. In a last, desperate plea for forgiveness, Tony, using a radio, confesses to a hit and run five years earlier: while drunkenly reaching for beer in his car, he smashed into another car and killed a woman and her child. He says over the radio that he is "so sorry" and Bowden realizes that Tony was the one who killed his family (based on the car wash ticket). Bowden realizes that Ramirez was right about him having been meant to be the audience to this.

The Devil, powerless now that Tony has repented of his sin, curses before vanishing, and the elevator comes back on line, leaving Tony's life spared. Bowden offers to take Tony into custody for the confession, and while en route, informs him who he is. But despite saying he'd gone over what he'd say, or what he would do if they'd ever cross paths, he forgives Tony.

Ramirez, again in a voice-over, says that his mother always reassured him at the end of her stories, "If the Devil is real, then God must be real too."
L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
This is a movie which was written by the horror indian director M. Night Shyamalan, but this time he did not directed the film. The whole 80 minutes of the movie is very breath-taking... You don't know what will happen and you don't know who is the killer/devil.... Of coz the movie is kinda draggy la~ Shyamalan's style lol~ this is the reason why i did not put a 10/10 for this... But overall this is a very good movie

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