Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catacombs 2007

Released Year: 2007
Directed by Tomm Coker & David Elliot

Casted by:
Shannyn Sossamon as Victoria
Pink (Alecia Moore) as Carolyn
Mihai Stanescu as Jean-Michel
Victoria receives an invitation from her sister Carolyn. The first line of the film is a voice-over: "My sister sent me a postcard, all it said was 'Come to Paris. It'll be good for you.' 48 hours after I arrived, she and everyone I'd met were dead."

Victoria arrives in Paris and Carolyn takes her home, where one of Carolyn's friends scares her with a mask. After settling in, the sisters tour Paris and shop. During a break Carolyn tells Victoria about a secret rave in the Catacombs of Paris that night. There is a long line of people at the catacombs, but Carolyn is friends with the bouncer and they are allowed in without waiting. Her entrance fee into this location was forced "services" by her friends. Carolyn is given two flashlights and a map to the rave and they arrive to hear an introduction by host Jean-Michel . During the rave, Victoria begins to feel dizzy and needs water for her medication. Jean-Michel escorts her to the private VIP area of the party, where they find Carolyn and a group of friends.

Jean-Michel pours Victoria a large glass of absinthe, and tells her of a killer living in the catacombs. Raised by a Satanic Cult, the killer, "Antichrist," feeds on people who get lost in the Catacombs. Most of the guys dismiss the story as a myth and decide to go skinny dipping. Victoria declines to join them, and becomes lost as she heads back to the rave. She is joined by Carolyn, and as the sisters attempt to find their way back, someone grabs Carolyn and drags her off into the darkness. Victoria finds Carolyn dead and panics. A man in a goat mask begins to chase her, and she finds shelter hiding in a storage room. When the man arrives and starts a generator, it appears that the storage room is his home. Victoria escapes and runs back toward the crowds.

She has scarcely returned when the Prefecture of Police burst in and interrupt the rave. Victoria is caught up in a mob and hits her head, and when she regains consciousness she is alone in the catacombs. She encounters a man named Henri who tries to help her, but every exit they come to is blocked. Henri falls through a rotted walkway while they are searching for a way out and injures his leg. Victoria tries to help him, but eventually gives up; she takes his map and leaves him in the dark, striking out on her own. When she finds an exit she is frightened by someone on the other side trying to get in, and she flees, fearing it is the Antichrist. After a chase through the tunnels she hides behind a wall column, armed with a mining pick. When the pursuer approaches, she strikes out blindly with the pick and hits him.

Shortly after, Carolyn and her friends show up and tell Victoria that it was all just a prank. They wonder why Victoria is crying until they see Jean-Michel lying dead, felled by the blow of Victoria's pick. Carolyn screams at the exhausted and terrified Victoria, who lashes out with the pick and kills Carolyn and her remaining friends. Escaping at last from the catacombs, covered in blood, Victoria returns to the airport in a taxi, and repeats the voice-over line which started the film.
L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
Phew, its so torturing to finish this whole movie. Well, i don't mean it as a bad way, but this horror movie really freaks me out!!! Now i know that i'm seriously afraid of dark if i m throw under the catacombs like Victoria, and running around by myself and worrying when will the goat-head-killer gonna slash my throat in any minute.

Well, the other viewers are not giving a high rate on this film due to "Producer from SAW", which has given them a very very high expectation on torturing scene. But let's put ourselves as Victoria, if you have this kind of experience, i bet all of us will be freak out to dead... I'm serious. This is a good horror film, watch it!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Despicable Me

Released Year: 2010
Directed by: Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud

Casted by:
Steve Carell as Gru
Jason Segel as Victor 'Vector' Perkins
Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario
Will Arnett as Mr. Perkins
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo
Dana Gaier as Edith
Elsie Fisher as Agnes
Julie Andrews as Marlena
Gru is a super-villain, operating out of his suburban home that serves as a front for an underground lair where he, his partner, Dr. Nefario, and thousands of short yellow minions plan their nefarious deeds.

Gru's pride is injured when an unknown super-villain steals the Great Pyramid of Giza before he can. He decides to engage in a plan to shrink and steal the Earth's moon, an idea he has had since childhood but discouraged by his mother. The plan, including a spacecraft, is quite expensive, and Gru seeks a loan from the Bank of Evil. The Bank's president, Mr. Perkins, is impressed by the plan but will only provide the money if Gru can obtain a shrink ray first.

Gru and his minions easily steal a shrink ray from a secret Asia base, but it is stolen from them moments later by the up-and-coming super-villain, Vector, who was also responsible for the Pyramid theft. Gru tries several means to break into Vector's base without success, but notices three orphan girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, easily walk into the base to sell Vector cookies. Gru, faking his credentials, adopts the girls from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls, planning on using them to infiltrate Vector's base. However, Gru has much difficulty nurturing them properly between their own rambunctiousness, their ballet classes, and his own unwillingness to be a parent.

Eventually, Gru and the girls successfully reacquire the shrink ray. The girls suggest a day at the local theme park to celebrate, whereupon Gru agrees, believing he can ditch the girls there. To his surprise, he comes to warm up to the girls over the course of the day, and takes them back home with him. Later, Gru returns to the Bank of Evil for his loan, but Perkins rejects him again, stating that they would rather see a younger super-villain, such as his son Vector, complete this theft. As Gru mopes about at home, the girls offer the contents of their piggy bank to fund the plan. Gru, inspired, sacrifices parts of his lair to construct the spacecraft. Gru plans to steal the moon when it is nearest the Earth, but this ends up being the same day as the girls' ballet recital. Gru becomes conflicted, and Dr. Nefario, seeing this interfering with the plan, arranges the girls to be returned to the orphanage.

Gru proceeds with his plan to steal the moon, successfully shrinking it to fit in his hand; he is unaware that Dr. Nefario has discovered the shrink ray effects are only temporary. Gru realizes he can still make the girls' recital, but he arrives too late and finds that Vector has kidnapped them, willing to hand them over for the moon. Gru makes the trade, but Vector reneges on the deal, flying off with the girls and the moon. As the moon starts to expand in Vector's ship, Gru, Dr. Nefario, and the minions pull off a daring mid-air rescue of the girls, just as the moon explodes out from Vector's ship and launches itself back into orbit. Vector is trapped on the moon as it regains its full size.

Some time later, Gru has readopted the girls and treats them as his family, and he writes them a bedtime storybook framed around his own experience. Margo hugs Gru, telling him, that she loves him, which he then hugs her back saying the same thing. The girls perform their own ballet recital for Gru, his mother, Dr. Nefario, and the minions, with the movie ending as they all get on stage to dance to "You Should Be Dancing".
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
A nice cartoon, but i feel like its a bit same like Vin Diesel's "The Pacifier". Only that this is an animation, of course the story and all the things are more exaggeration... Despicable me 2 is on its way coming in 2013, hope it will be better than this :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

Released Year: 2012
Directed by Roel Reine

Casted by:
Victor Webster as Mathayus
Krystal Vee as Princess Silda/Cobra
Bostin Christopher as Olaf
Billy Zane as King Talus
Selina Lo as Tsukai
A handful of years after giving Mathayus the prophecy that his peaceful kingdom wouldn't last forever, Cassandra dies. Mathayus allows his kingdom to fall apart in the aftermath to the deadly plague which claimed his wife's life and he believes his reign of nobility to be over. Mathayus then becomes a mercenary once more, just as he was after his battle with Sargon and prior to his war with Memnon. Egypt is then divided into three kingdoms, one belonging to Talus, one to Horus and one to Ramusan. Talus' army grows to such an extent that he wishes to conquer Horus' Kingdom and to do so, he wishes to steal the Book of the Dead from Ramusan. To stop Talus, Horus hires Mathayus. In turn, Talus kidnaps Ramusan' daughter, Silda. Ramusan then tells Mathayus that if he can save his daughter, he will have the right to wed her and once again raise a kingdom in Egypt.

Mathayus manages to rescue Silda, but the two wind up in an exiles camp. Talus then arrives at Ramusan's palace and takes the Book of the Dead. Using the Book of the Dead, Talus reanimates the dead warrior Tsukai. Tsukai is a deadly yet beautiful warrior who is not only extremely skilled with the blade, but also magical prowess. In a test to see her strength, Talus orders her to kill his best men, which she does easily. Tsukai then attacks the Exile's Camp. Tsukai manages to defeat Mathayus in battle through not only the use of magic, but also pure skill. However, Mathayus manages to escape.

However, Talus nevertheless manages to capture Mathayus and Silda. Mathayus escapes and then attacks Talus, who is saved by the timely intervention of Tsukai. Silda then interferes in the match, allowing Mathayus to pursue Talus. Tsukai's servant Agromael manages to defeat Mathayus' ally Olaf and Tsukai easily best's Silda. Talus kills Ramusan and Mathayus recovers the Book of the Dead. Using the Book of the Dead, Mathayus manages to kill Talus and barely manages to stop Tsukai from executing Silda.

Tsukai, seeing Mathayus as the new ruler of Ramusan and Talus' kingdom bows down to him, defeating and sensing him as her new master. Mathayus and Tsukai then kick out all foreign powers in the portion of Egypt they are in, including Horus, with the recrowned Scorpion King vowing that he has reached a point in his life where he isn't afraid to lead his people to conflict and lay down his life for them. In a post-credits homage, it's revealed Mathayus and Silda shared a kiss on the night of their earlier party, though Silda appears to leave the prospects of a relationship with him behind as she bestows him the artifact which could one day be used to contact Anubis. While Mathayus may still have a while before deciding to lead his people on his fated quest to take over the known world, his destiny is now more clear than ever in the subtly more militiant stance he has taken compared to where he was at the end of the prior original film, with the Book of the Dead left intact for the subsequent events in The Mummy and the Scorpion King's own journey paved for the opening sequence of The Mummy Returns.
L² Scored: 0.5/10

L² Comment:
The 3rd film of The Scorpion King, which is a direct-to-video film. This is a sad thing as i believe that Dwayne Johnson has make the first & second movie a big hit in hollywood, but this 3rd movie with Johnson has cracked its own ship on the big rock and gone all its way down to the sea bed.

The whole movie i believe is shoot in Cambodia, it i'm not mistaken, a lil mix of the ninja fight and thai dance make the whole film confusing. I really hate those American producer who simply mix up our Asian culture to film this kind of rubbish movie!!! I believe our South East Asia is already well known in the whole world, and please don't do all this stupid "mix-up" things on your stupid movie!!! Gosh~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Funeral 六樓后座2家屬謝禮

Released Year: 2008
Directed by 黃真真 Barbara Wong

Casted by:
侯煥玲 Huan Ling Hou as Suzy
江若琳 Elaine Kwong as 阿芝 Chee
田原 Tian Yuan as Kay
陸永@農夫 Wing as 陸永 Wing
C君@農夫 as C君 C
占@I Love You Boyz as 彭爺 Phang
Donald@I Love You Boyz as Bon Bon
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 萬生 Mr Man
鄧梓峰 Patrick Dunn as Suzy兒子 Suzy's son
羅仲謙 Him Lo as 阿謙 Him
A bunch of irresponsible teenagers rent Suzy's unit, they dreamed of becoming rich by doing a "happy funeral" business after they attended Pete's grandmother funeral. They come up with an idea and try to sell it off to Mr Man who is doing the funeral business, Mr Man requested them to come out with a proper proposal after 2 weeks time.

The gang decided to act it in front of Mr Man with the help of Suzy as the dead grandma but Mr Man scolded them for not being serious. Suzy felt sick and was sent to the hospital, and Suzy's son appeared and decided to take back the unit from the teenagers. The teenagers never give up on Suzy and always bring joy for her and bonded up a good relationship with Suzy's son. They hold a party at home for Suzy when she's back but the tired Suzy still kick the bucket. The teenagers and Suzy's son throw a happy funeral for Suzy and want everyone to feel the joy that Suzy has bring for them when she is still alive.
L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
I kinda like Barbara Wong's movie, except this. The storyline is ok, not like those normal drama style but i really dislike how the way the actors perform, no heart at all!!! Especially the "farmer" & "I love you boyz"... i feel like slapping at their face~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dr. Wai in the Scripture With No Words 冒險王

Released Year: 1996
Directed by 程小東 Chin Xiao Dong

Casted by:
李连杰 Jet Li as 周世杰/卫亦信 Jie/Xin
关之琳 Rosamund Kwan as 莫尼卡/美加子 Monica/Mikako
金城武 Takeshi Kaneshiro as 包教晓 Xiao
楊采妮 Charlie Yeung as Charlie
罗家英 Loh Kar Ying as 英叔 Ying

A depress movie writer Jie is facing a divorce issue with his wife Monica, his 2 subordinates Xiao & Charlie help him out to write an adventure story regarding Dr Wai. Inside the story, Jie become Xin, the Dr Wai while Monica is the devil Japanese woman Mikako. They were grabbing a secret weapon from each other which will make human being dissappear.

In the end, Mikako and Dr Wai fall in love with each other and help out each other which in the reality world Jie and Monica become a lovely couple again.
L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
Though the movie won a few awards on the fighting and graphic, but i think the storyline is kinda so so... And Charlie look damn ugly in here, i feel like slapping her face hard!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Romancing in Thin Air 高海拔之戀II

Released Year: 2012
Directed by 杜琪峰 Johnnie To

Casted by:
鄭秀文 Sammi Cheng as 阿秀 Sau
古天樂 Louis Koo as 邁克 Michael
李光潔 Guang Jie Lee as 小田 Tian
恬妞 Tanny Tien as Doctor
高圓圓 Yuan Yuan Gao as 圓圓 Yuan
Sau has been waiting for her husband Tian who have lost in the woods for 7 years, she take care of the hotel that her husband left for her at he Yunam Shangrila. Michael is a superstar who just won Best Actor and propose to marry Yuan Yuan during the academy. But Yuan Yuan left Michael on the wedding and run away with her old time boyfriend.

Michael get himself drunk and went over to Kunmin. He accidentally fell into Sau's truck and went all the way to Yunam. The appearance of Michael in the hotel has cause everyone excited. But Michael continuously destroy Sau's husband properties including a piano with the spoiled of DoReMi, a truck and a motor truck. Michael get himself to suit the life in Yunam but he discover that Sau is his fans club with member id 033. Sau get exhausted when the police search Tian's bag in the wood, she lost control and went inside the wood but luckily Michael trace after her and manager to save her out.

While Sau is unconscious, the doctor told Michael about Sau's past. 7 years ago, Sau met Tian when she was traveling. They fall in love with each other but Tian was too shy to tell Sau. Years pass as Sau came back every Winter. Finally one year, Tian told Sau that he like her by learning all Michael's movie trick. They get married but Tian lost himself in the wood when he search for a missing kid in the wood.

Michael took Sau for movie but was discovered and he was sent back to Hong Kong. He invited Sau to Hong Kong but he was too busy for her. Sau got the message from Yunam that the police found Tian's body, she was stress out and leave Michael. Michael decided to make a film regarding this story and Sau saw it in the cinema. In the end Sau went back to the hotel and happily ever after with Michael.
L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
I think this will be the best touching/romance film of this year for the Asian market. With sammi greatest acting and Louis deepest feeling, they created a best and yet romantic film ever for all the film they have make together. Scenery of this film has make me wanted to go Yunam Shangrila now!!! Its breath-taking.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Perfect Wedding 抱抱俏佳人/完美嫁衣

Released Year: 2010
Directed by 黃真真 Barbara Wong

Casted by:
楊千嬅 Miriam Yeung as 孫洛昕 Yan
林峯 Raymond Lam as 凌裕風 Feng
葛民輝 Eric Kot as 鄭永康 Kelvin
周秀娜 Chrissie Zhow as Flora
毛舜筠 Teresa Mo as Doris
徐子珊 Kate Tsui as Remmy
廖碧兒 Bernice Liu as Mimi
朱璇 Oceane Zhu as Fanny
麥玲玲 Mak Ling Ling as 叉姐 Lady Mama
Desperate Yan saw Feng in a club reading Dan Brown's novel and tackle him, they have sex 3 times on that night. The next day they were shocked during work time as they discover each other real identity. Feng was forced to work for Yan due to his boss' debts. Yan discuss her life with her 4 best friend - Doris, Remmy, Mimi & Fanny regarding her new life.

As one of the client request to have Lady Gaga as performer in their wedding, Yan went to seek help from Feng's mother, Lady Mama. Yan and Feng get together though Yan still can't forget Kelvin, his ex boyfriend who left her during their wedding. As time goes by, Yan once and once dissapointed Feng in front of the colleagues and her best friend. During a birthday celebration, Feng chose the pretty Flora who has been falling for him.

Yan is angry on Feng with Flora and decided to marry with Kelvin. Feng and Flora shopping but Feng's heart is not there, Flora pissed off and dump him in front of Doris, Remmy, Mimi & Fanny. The girls advice Feng to go for Yan. When Feng reach the jetty, he thought Yan has left but actually Yan run away from the wedding this time. 3 months later, they met again and discover Yan is still single. They get together and have great sex again.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
No doubt this is a nice and funny romance film, but i don't think Miriam Yeung is good enough to win Best Actress in one of the award. Its nothing special compare to her previous acting. For me, if Raymond Lam really wanna outstand himself, i would recommend him to appear on the big screen with only short underwear or let us have a good look at his butt~ or else, with his this kind of acting, he will never shine at all~

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Love Hong Kong 2012 - 2012我愛HK 喜上加囍

Released Year: 2012
Directed by 鍾澍佳 Zhong Shu Jia & 錢國偉 Chin Kok Wai

Casted by:
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 姚明 Ming
毛舜筠 Teresa Mo as 郭美美 Mei
馮淬帆 Stanley Fung as 郭靖 Ching
何韻詩 Denise Ho as 郭晶晶 Jing
陸永 6Wing as 郭富城 Seng
黃宗澤 Bosco Wong as 樂易瓦 Wa
邵音音 Susan Siu as 沈佳宜 Yee
蘇永康 William So as Roberto
麥長青 Mak Cheung Ching as 三叔 3rd uncle
張馨予 Vivian Zhang as Vivian
Ching is a weather caster while his son Seng is the camera guy to shoot him fall into the sea during a hurricane. Mei (Ching's eldest daughter) is a lawyer and treat his husband, Ming like a servant. Jing (Ching's 2nd daughter) always dress up like a man and have a sissy boyfriend, Wa who work as Jing's subordinate.

While Hong Kong (almost all properties) belong to Roberto and his father, Roberto still insist to create a fake "end of the world" situation to trick the Hong Kong Citizens so that he can earn more. Ching found out this, and together with his old time baby Yee to gather the information of Roberto and announce it to the whole world. In the meantime, Seng fall in love with Vivian who happened to be the celebrity of Roberto's company.

Ming has been stress under the control of Mei for all these year. Ming strike back and have role play with Mei which make her happy. But the happy time ended fast too when their god-daughter Hong appeared which was mistaken by Mei as a hooker. Jing thought she was pregnant and told Wa about it. When they are happily planning their wedding, Jing found out it was not a pregnant but decided not to tell Wa about it. Wa found out and they argue.

In the end, Roberto's bad attitude was found out after Ching reported it to the whole world. Everybody forget the things their love one has make it and happily ever after.
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Wow, i never realized IOI mall is still showing this on the big screen. Well, the whole movie is not bad, can say that its as good as the 2011 :) Funny yet not having the cheapy-kinda feel~ good work!!! Hope to see this again in 2013!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catch .44

Released Year: 2011
Directed by Aaron Harvey

Casted by:
Malin Åkerman as Tes
Forest Whitaker as Ronny
Bruce Willis as Mel
Deborah Ann Woll as Dawn
Nikki Reed as Kara
Shea Whigham as Billy
For Tes and her two cohorts Kara and Dawn, the job sounded simple enough: intercept a double-cross drug shipment for their crime boss Mel at an isolated diner. But when an unstoppable chain of events unfolds, everyone soon realizes no one is who they seem and the job may be something other than eliminating the competition. What started as simple instructions has now turned into a deadly cat-and-mouse game - with large guns pointed at everyone.

After Kara and Dawn was shot to death, Tes was in the situation of pointing the gun at Billy while Billy doing the same to her. In the meantime, Deputy Elmore came into the diner and take side on Tes. Deputy Elmore late announced that his real name is Ronny and he safe Tes before when she was working in the strip club, and falling in love with her. Ronny order Tes to shoot Billy or else he will shoot her instead. Tes betrayed and shot Ronny. Tes missed her shot and Ronny shoot Tes & Billy.

Mel came and talk to Ronny, in the end he shot Ronny's head and cause him to die. But out of sudden, Mel realize that Tes is not dead yet and Tes send Mel to hell and run away with the money.
L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
This is something new to me, the way they film this movie. It seems that these people have nothing to do with each other, but actually they did. Bruce Willis looks so old in this movie while i think that Ms Akerman is such a hottie :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl 鮫肌男と桃尻女

Released Year: 1999
Directed by 石井克人 Katsuhito Ishii

Casted by:
浅野忠信 Tadanobu Asano as 鮫肌黒男 Kuroo Samehada
小日向しえ Shie Kohinata as 桃尻トシコ Toshiko Momojiri
岸部一徳 Ittoku Kishibe as 田抜政二 Tanuki Fukuda
真行寺君枝 Susumu Terajima as フクダミツコ Sawada
Kuroo Sameheda a yakuza soldier is on the run for his life after stealing from his Boss Sawada. During a chase through the forest Sawadas car is struck by an SUV. Enter Toshiko Momojiri who is also on the run. She's running from her twisted whack job uncle Michio Sonezaki, who manages the hotel that she works at, and whose intentions for his niece are inappropriate to say the least. During the crash Toshiko is knocked unconscious and Sameheda is able to make good his escape with Toshiko in tow. The couple is then chased across Japan by gun crazy, deadpan gang members dressed in over the top, high end, fashion clothes. They are also being followed by Yamada, an amateur hit man, who was hired by Michio to bring Toshiko back.
L² Scored: -10/10

L² Comment:
I don't even know why i watch this film in the first place, pui!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Helen of Troy 2003

Released Year: 2003
Directed by John Kent Harrison

Casted by:
Sienna Guillory as Helen
Matthew Marsden as Paris
Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon
John Rhys-Davies as King Priam of Troy
Maryam d'Abo as Queen Hecuba
Emilia Fox as Cassandra, Princess of Troy
James Callis as Menelaus
The film begins with the birth of Paris, and Cassandra's prophecy that he would be the cause of Troy's destruction. Worried, his father King Priam leaves him on Mount Ida, where he is found and raised by the shepherd Agelaus. When he is an adult, he judges Aphrodite as the fairest of the three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. After awarding her the golden apple she promises him the love of Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world.

Meanwhile in Sparta, Helen sees in a pool Paris's judgement, and happily accepts his choice of her love. She later meets the Mycenaean King, Agamemnon, who has come to claim her sister, Clytemnestra, as his bride, but is also immediately taken by her attractiveness. During the wedding, Helen is kidnapped by two Athenians, Theseus, and his friend Pirithous. They take her to Athens, where Helen falls for Theseus, before her brother Pollux raids Athens and kills him. As he is dying, Theseus stabs Pollux. In Sparta, Helen's father Tyndareus rages at his daughter, blaming her for losing his heir. He presents her to the suitors who seek her hand, bidding them to do as they wish.

The suitors draw lots after swearing an oath suggested by clever Odysseus that if anyone disrespect her husband's claims to her, they should unite and wage war against him. Odysseus rules himself and Agamemnon out of the lot, since they are both married. They agree to the oath, and Agamemnon's brother Menelaus wins. Agamemnon is visibly jealous. Shortly after Paris' favorite bull is taken for the Trojan tribute games. Paris insists on competing, despite his father's protests. After winning in every competition and being recognized by his sister Cassandra, Paris is welcomed by an overjoyed Priam to Troy. Cassandra and his elder brother Hector are upset at their father's decision. Paris is sent to Sparta few days later to draw out a peace treaty with the Atreids, Agamemnon and Menelaus. His treaty is refused and Agamemnon plots to have him murdered. While there, however, he gains the love of Helen, and she helps him flee. Together they sail to Troy. When Menelaus finds this out, he demands that his brother launch war on Troy, and the former suitors are gathered to fulfill their oath. But the winds are not in their favor and after a month, a soothsayer reveals that Athena wants Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia. Agamemnon is horrified, but nevertheless carries out the deed.

Helen and Paris arrive at Troy with the Greek army at their heels. Priam is at first reluctant to allow Helen to remain at Troy, until he sees her. When the Greeks send an embassy of Menelaus and Odysseus to demand Helen's return, Priam refuses, and the Greeks plan an attack. In the morning, the battle is joined on the beach of Troy, with Hector nearly killed by Agamemnon. The battle ends with the Trojan army's crushing defeat and the Greeks camping on the beach. Ten years pass. Agamemnon agrees to end the war with a single combat, between Menelaus and Paris. If Menelaus wins, Helen will be returned. If Menelaus loses, the Trojans may keep her. Whatever the outcome, the Greeks have to leave Troy. Agamemnon cheats, poisoning Menelaus' javelin without telling him. During the duel Paris is cut and the poison disorientates him. Menelaus does not take advantage of him; instead, they stop fighting and make peace between each other as a fog hides them from view. As the fog lifts, Agamemnon's cheating is exposed. Hector challenges Agamemnon to a duel that will end the war—this time, to the death. Achilles takes up the challenge, fighting for Agamemnon, but agrees to fight not for Helen but for his own honor. Achilles easily succeeds in killing Hector.

That night Helen, fearing for Paris's safety, goes to the seer Cassandra and asks to know what she can do to protect Paris. Cassandra replies that her only choice is to give herself to the Greeks. Helen agrees, presenting herself in Agamemnon's tent and offering a trade—her for the body of Hector. Agamemnon refuses, as he does not want his daughter's death to be in vain, and chases her around the camp, but Paris arrives in time to save her, challenging Agamemnon for the safety of Troy. Achilles charges at him, but Paris seizes a bow and shoots Achilles in the heel, killing him. Afterwards the Greeks attack him, but he hides and is reunited with Helen. Shortly thereafter, Agamemnon finds him and stabs Paris in the chest after a quick duel. He dies in Helen's arms, whispering "goddess". During Paris' funeral, the Greeks are reported to have sailed away—leaving a massive wooden horse on the shore. It is taken into the city, and Troy celebrates late into the night. When they are all asleep, the Greeks come out and sack the city, slaying Priam and Hecuba. The great Agamemnon seats himself proudly on Troy's throne as the new Emperor of the Aegean and Ruler of the World. Agamemnon has his men bring Helen to his throne and orders her to kneel at his feet. Agamemnon strokes Helen's hair, then begins to rape her. Menelaus tries to stop him, but is held back by Agamemnon's guards. He orders Agamemnon to leave his wife alone, but his brother pays no mind to his commands and continues to rape Helen.

The next morning, as the Greek soldiers ravage the ruins of Troy of its riches and its people as slaves, Agamemnon's wife arrives in the royal palace of Troy, where she ventures into the royal pool. There, she finds Agamemnon and Helen, both naked. Agamemnon relaxes in triumph, while Helen lies in a corner, not saying a word. She sends Helen away and she is alone with Agamemnon. She tells him she comes for their daughter, Iphigenia. She then throws a net on him and starts to stab him to death. Helen wanders woefully through the ruined city, when she sees a sudden apparition of Paris. She begs him to take her with him to the afterlife, and he tells her he has prepared a place for her, but she must wait until it is her time. He disappears, and Menelaus crosses her path, sword in hand. Helen prepares for punishment, but can do nothing but feel sorry for her. Helen tells him she cannot love him, but she "will follow". The two head back to the Greek ships, ready to live the rest of their lives as King and Queen till the next war.
L² Scored: 2/10

L² Comment:
I really think it is a waste of time watching this movie. Its actually a miniseries from the Universal Home Entertainment. At first when i saw the DVD cover, i thought this is the one which filmed in 1956, but apparently it is not~ the whole movie is kinda weird cause the language they speak is kinda modern to me, ain't it suppose to be more vintage?

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sleeping Beauty

Released Year: 1959
Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Les Clark,
Eric Larson & Wolfgang Reitherman

Voiced by:
Mary Costa as Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Verna Felton as Flora and Queen Leah
Barbara Jo Allen as Fauna
Barbara Luddy as Merryweather
Eleanor Audley as Maleficent
Bill Shirley as Prince Phillip
Taylor Holmes as King Stefan
Bill Thompson as King Hubert
After many childless years, King Stefan and his Queen welcome the arrival of their daughter, Aurora. While still an infant, she is betrothed to Prince Phillip, the young son of King Hubert, so that the kingdoms of Stefan and Hubert will be forever united. At her christening, three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, arrive to bless the child with gifts. The first fairy, Flora, gives the princess the gift of beauty, while the next fairy, Fauna, gives her the gift of song. Before Merryweather is able to give her blessing, a wicked witch named Maleficent appears, expressing disappointment of not being invited to the ceremony. The evil enchantress curses the princess, proclaiming that before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Merryweather is able to use her blessing to weaken the curse, so that instead of death, Aurora will fall into a deep sleep that can only be awaken by true love's kiss. Though King Stefan orders all spinning wheels in the kingdom to be burned, the three fairies know Maleficent's spell cannot be stopped that easily and devise a plan to protect her. With the King and Queen's consent, they disguise themselves as peasant women and sneak Aurora away with them to a woodland cottage until her sixteen birthday passes.

Years later, Aurora, renamed Briar Rose, has grown into a beautiful young woman with the blessings that Flora and Fauna bestowed to her. Sweet and gentle, she dreams of falling in love one day. On her sixteenth birthday, the three fairies ask Rose to gather berries in the forest so they can prepare a surprise party for her. While singing in the forest, Rose attracts the attention of Prince Phillip, now a handsome young man, as he is out riding his horse, Samson. When they meet, they instantly fall in love. Realizing that she has to return home, Rose flees from Phillip without ever learning his name, but asks him to come to her cottage that evening. While she is away, the fairies' magical preparations draw the attention of Maleficent's pet raven, revealing the location of the long-missing Aurora. Back at home, the fairies tell Rose the truth and escort the now-heartbroken princess back to her parents. Meanwhile, Phillip tells his father of a peasant girl he met and wishes to marry in spite of his prearranged marriage to Princess Aurora. King Hubert tries to convince Phillip to marry the princess instead of the peasant girl, but fails.

In the palace, Maleficent lures Aurora away from the fairies and up to a tower, where an enchanted spinning wheel awaits her. Aurora touches the spindle, pricking her finger and completing the curse. The good fairies place Aurora on a bed in the highest tower and place a powerful charm on all the people in the kingdom, causing them to fall in a deep sleep until the spell is broken. Before falling asleep, King Hubert tells Stefan of his son being in love with a peasant girl. The fairies realize that Prince Phillip is the man with whom Aurora has fallen in love. However, the Prince, arriving at his peasant girl's home, is kidnapped by Maleficent to prevent him from breaking her spell.

The fairies discover the Prince's whereabouts and sneak into Maleficent's castle to rescue him. Armed with a magical sword and shield, Phillip and the fairies escape from the witch's prison. Maleficent surrounds Stefan's castle with a forest of thorns, but when that fails to stop Phillip, Maleficent transforms into a gigantic dragon to battle the prince herself. Ultimately, Phillip throws the sword, blessed by the fairies' magic, directly into Maleficent's heart, causing Maleficent to fall to her death from a cliff.

Phillip's kiss awakens Aurora, and the spell over her and everyone else in the castle is broken. The royal couple descends to the ballroom, where Aurora is happily reunited with her parents, and she and Prince Phillip live happily ever after.
L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
Once again, i feel bored on watching "human" movie and decided to watch this Disney animated film~ I feel like the old cartoon, no matter how many times i watch, i will never get bored with it. Aurora seems like the main character of this cartoon but actually the three fairies fo more talking throughout the whole film...