Saturday, July 31, 2010

Valentine's Day

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Gary Marshall
Casted by:
Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett
Jennifer Garner as Julia Fitzpatrick
Anne Hathaway as Liz Corynn
Topher Grace as Jason Morris
Jessica Biel as Kara Monahan
Jamie Foxx as Kelvin Moore
Julia Roberts as Cpt. Kate Hazeltine
Bradley Cooper as Holden Bristow
Emma Roberts as Grace Smart
Carter Jenkins as Alex Franklin
Taylor Lautner as Willy Harrington
Taylor Swift as Felicia Miller
Hector Elizondo as Edgar Paddington
Shirley MacLaine as Estelle Paddington
Jessica Alba as Morley Clarkson
George Lopez as Alphonso Rodriguez
Eric Dane as Sean Jackson
Queen Latifah as Paula Thomas
Bryce Robinson as Edison Hazeltine
Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Harrison Copeland
Katherine LaNasa as Pamela Copeland
Kathy Bates as Susan Moralez
In Los Angeles, florist Reed Bennett proposes to his girlfriend Morley who accepts, much to the surprise of Reed’s closest friends Alphonso and Julia Fitzpatrick. Morley changes her mind and leaves Reed later in the day. Alphonso tells Reed he and Julia knew it would never work out between him and Morley, and Reed wishes they had told him. On an airplane to Los Angeles, Kate Hazeltine, a captain in the U.S. Army on a one-day leave, befriends newly single Holden Bristow. Kate and Holden chat, play a backgammon, and tell jokes. When the plane lands, and Kate has to wait hours for the taxi, Holden offers his limousine, which Kate accepts, as she only has one day to spend with her family before she has to come back into the army.

Julia, an elementary school teacher has fallen in love with Dr. Harrison Copeland, but does not know that he is married to his wife Pamela. Reed finds out when Harrison orders flowers for his wife and girlfriend (Julia). Harrison tells her that he needs to go to San Francisco for a business trip. Wanting to surprise him and following Reed's advice from earlier on in the day, Julia buys a plane ticket to San Francisco. Reed quickly comes to the airport and warns Julia, and she refuses to believe it and gets on the plane. She goes to the hospital where he said he would be, and inquires after him. The nurses at the counter reveal to her that he is married and tell her the name of the restaurant where he and his wife will be dining that evening. As she teaches the owner's son, the owner allows her to dress as a waitress. Julia makes a scene at the restaurant, and gives back the toy Harrison gave her that morning. Harrison's wife, Pamela, becomes suspicious when Julia makes a comment referring to Harrison's ability to juggle, and Harrison is seen eating pizza alone in a condo later on that evening, implying that Pamela has left him right after Julia's scene. One of Julia’s students, Edison, orders flowers from Reed, to be sent to his teacher. There is a delay in the delivery of flowers, but Edison insists that Reed delivers the flowers the same day. They are for Julia; however, she suggests to Edison to give the flowers to a lonely girl in the class who also has a crush on him, which he does.

Edison's babysitter Grace is planning to lose her virginity with her boyfriend Alex. The planned encounter goes awry when Grace's mom discovers a naked Alex in Grace's room rehearsing a song he wrote for Grace on his guitar. Meanwhile Edison’s grandparents, Edgar and Estelle are facing the troubles of a long marriage. Grace explains to them that she wants to have sex with Alex, and says, "It's not like I am going to sleep with one person for the rest of my life." This upsets Estelle and leads to her telling Edgar about an affair she had with one of his business partners. The affair was while he was away, and it didn't last long. Although she is deeply sorry for what she did, Edgar is deeply upset. Grace’s high-school friends, Willy and Felicia , are experiencing the freshness of new love, and have agreed to wait to have sex. On Valentine's Day, Willy gives Felicia a large white bear that she carries around with her everywhere and Felicia gets him a gray running t-shirt (which was his) and ironed the number 13 on the back for "good luck". They are interviewed on the news and advertise their love and support for each other.

Sean Jackson, a closeted gay professional football player, is contemplating the end of his career together with his publicist Kara and his agent Paula. Kara, a close friend of Julia’s, is organizing her annual ‘I Hate Valentine’s Day’ party, but is becoming interested in sports reporter Kelvin Moore who has been sent out by his producer Susan to cover Valentine’s Day because of a lack of sports news, and they share their mutual hatred of Valentine's Day. Paula has hired a new receptionist named Liz who has started dating mailroom clerk Jason. Jason is first shocked when Liz turns out to be moonlighting as a phone sex operator. Liz only does this because she has a student loan to pay off, has no insurance, and is completely broke. Jason decides that her job is too much for him to handle, but eventually comes back to the relationship after seeing Edgar forgive his wife, Estelle.

Sean comes out on national television, and Holden (who is Sean's lover) goes back to him. Kate goes home to greet her son Edison. Willy drops Felicia off at home after a date and they kiss goodnight. Kelvin and Kara hang out at Kelvin's news station where they later kiss, Alphonso dines with his wife, Grace and Alex agree to wait to have sex, Edgar and Estelle retell each other their marriage vows and kiss in the theater, Jason goes back to Liz and they decide to keep a bond together but to also "keep it simple", Morley is shown walking her Border collie while trying to call Reed and the movie closes with Julia and Reed beginning a relationship.
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
First of all, its such a waste i did not went to cinema for this movie. Its kinda complicated, the characters flow and connected one and another in this film just like CRASH. But this is more on romance part of course, love Anne Hathaway in her "phone sex" service, i really have a good laugh on it.

Well, Cooper is hot, Foxx is stunning, and 2 young studs Lautner & Jenkins are definitely hot especially Jenkins naked playing guitar. Alba does not appear much so not much comments on her. Garner is good, but i kinda prefer this character to be played by Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Connelly. Lol, though 3 of them are Jennifer(s), but Garner really didn't give me the feeling in this film.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mad Detective 神探

Released Year: 2007
Directed by 杜琪峰 Johnie To & 韦家辉 Wai Ka-Fai

Casted by:
刘青云 Sean Lau as 陈桂彬 Bin
安志杰 Andy On as 何家安 An
林熙蕾 Kelly Lin as 张美华 Hua
林家栋 Gordon Lin as 高志伟 Wai
李彩宁 Karen Lee as 琪琪 Gigi
刘锦玲 Lau Kam-Ling as 伪善鬼 Wai's Hypocritical Soul
陈慧珊 Flora Chan as 公正鬼 Hua's Fair Soul
张兆辉 Eddie Cheung as 凶残鬼 Wai's Cruel soul
林雪 Lam Suet as 无知胆小鬼 Wai's Fear Soul
李国麟 Joseph Lee as 王国柱 Zhu
李日升 Jonathan Lee as 软弱鬼 An's Feeble Soul
谷租琳 Jo Koo as 冷静鬼 An's Calm Soul
Bin is a psycho detective who always experience himself in the murdering case. Though his wife Hua feel disgust and left him but An as a new police officer was amaze on how good Bin is. Due to his craziness, Bin even cut off his ear as a gift for the old sarjan when he left.

Few years later, Wai and Zhu is finding the thieve who steal the steel. While chasing after the thieve, Wai lost his gun to the thieve and Zhu insisted to report this to the superior and was murdered by Wai to covered up his mistake. An now as a head request Bin for help in finding out who killed Zhu. Hua told Bin not to help but finally Bin agreed to help. On a dinner, Bin brought Hua out to dine with An and his girlfriend Gigi. The both realize that Hua has died and Bin has been talking to the air all these while.

Bin told An that he can see the soul of a person. Bin suspect that Wai is the one who killed Zhu and trace after him. Bin found out Wai has 7 souls including the hypocritical, fear & cruel. To pissed Wai off, Bin purposely pee on his leg and was beat up. Bin stole An's gun and identity card to investigate Wai's working place. An later on found out that Hua has not died yet, and it was Bin's illusion all these while. The fair soul of Hua has been asking Bin to eat his medicine and heal back but was rejected.

Bin later on discovered that An's feeble soul will be murdered by Wai's cruel soul and try to stop it. An wanted his gun back but Bin ran away with it. An request Gigi to pass him her gun to take down Bin. An and Wai together went to look for the steel's thieve. Just when they track down the thieve, Bin appeared and everybody involved in a gunshot war. Everybody's was dead in the end except An. An's calm soul figured out a way to solve it.

Everybody's innerside is fighting for themselves whether they are good or bad.

L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, I'm impressed with the storyline and how the character twist and turn. Sean Lau's acting of course cannot be deny, but i was surprise at how good Lau Kam-Ling was. No doubt she's good in both TVB & ATV, but movie? Gosh... though she doesn't have much scene, but she definitely outshine others.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Jon Turteltaub

Casted by:
Nicolas Cage as Balthazar Blake
Jay Baruchel as Dave Stutler
Teresa Palmer as Becky Barnes
Alfred Molina as Maxim Horvath
Toby Kebbell as Drake Stone
Monica Bellucci as Veronica
Alice Krige as Morgana la Fay
Gregory Woo as Sun Lok
The evil Morgana is trying to kill Merlin in advance to learn "The Rising". The Rising is the highest and evilest magic to conquer the whole human being. Morgana has got one of Merlin's apprentice Horvath to betrayed them. Morgana managed to kill Merlin, but Veronica sacrificed herself and captured Morgana's soul together with her ownself in a doll. Balthazar the one left has to look for the prime Merlin's in future.

Finally the destiny came to Dave when he's in 4th grade. Dave found out he got the talent of become a sorcerer from Balthazar, but accidentally broke the doll has released Horvath. Balthazar fought with Horvath and both of them was trapped in a big vase. 10 years later, Dave has become a physic freak and found her dream girl Becky. Horvath and Balthazar both released from the vase. Balthazar found Dave while Horvath got a evil magician helper, Drake.

Balthazar and Dave both look for the doll in China Town but Horvath has got on it and broke one more layer which released a chinese evil wizard Sun Lok. Sun Lok used his evil dragon power to attack Dave but was killed instead. Balthazar and Dave managed to get the doll but lost it again. Horvath broke another layer and free a young wizard whom trick Becky into a trap. Horvath then killed Drake and the young wizard to gain their power to break another layer.

When another layer broke, both Veronica and Morgana were free. Morgana rise all the dead wizard to alive again. Dave tricked Morgana into his experimental things and killed her without the sorcerer's ring. This proves that Dave is really the prime Merlin. Becky accepted Dave is a sorcerer and both of them live happily together.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Basically, this fantasy and adventurous magic film is my cup of tea :) Love the storyline, the casting and all the magic. Been watching a lots of Jay Baruchel's movie lately... Though he's too skinny, but i think he'll be a hit like Shia Labouf in no longer time.

Gregory Woo is extremely hot! Try to google a lil bit about him but i get nothing at all... jst know that he's a dj or things like tat... 2 thumbs up

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Nightmare on Elmstreet 2010

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Samuel Bayer

Casted by:
Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger
Rooney Mara as Nancy Holbrook
Kyle Gallner as Quentin Smith
Katie Cassidy as Kris Fowles
Thomas Dekker as Jesse Braun
Kellan Lutz as Dean Russell
Dean was having a horrible nightmare of a burned guy trying to hunt him down and kill him. He haven't been sleeping for a few days. Waiting for his girlfriend Kris in a restaurant, he falled asleep and was killed by the guy.

Attending Dean's funeral, Kris saw herself in a children form was attack by a burned guy. Telling this to her ex-boyfriend Jesse, Nancy beside overheard and mentioned that she has the same dream too. Jesse accompany Kris at night but Kris fell in sleep instead, she was slashed to death in her sleep and Jesse freaked off and ran to Nancy. Nancy told Jesse to stay awake but Jesse fall asleep and was killed too.

Nancy asked her mom about it but nothing was informed. Quentin beside her helped try to solved this out. Quentin was in a dream of swimming and appeared no where with a guy being chased by a bunch of people. These people are parents of Quentin, Nancy, Dean, Kris & Jesse. They chase the guy who name Freddy and burned him to death. This is because Freddy has molest all the children.

Nancy decided to go into the dream and killed Freddy. While Nancy trying to look for Freddy, Freddy turned out to injured Quentin who fell asleep too. Nancy fought with Freddy and burned him to hell. Quentin in the last minute managed to wake Nancy up from getting kill too.

But on the final, Nancy's mum was killed by Freddy from a mirror.
L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
After so many successful sequel of Nightmare series, I can't believe they produce such a disappointing film. Its sucks, nothing new, the make up of Freddy Krueger is lame, not even a bit scary at all.

Samuel Bayer has been shooting music video for various singers all these while, this is his first film, and i really do believe he needs more hardwork on the next film if he really really wanna be a director. Seriously, i'm disappointed.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bangkok Haunted

Released Year: 2001
Directed by 彭發 Oxide Phang & Pisut Praesangaem

Casted by:
Pimsiree Pimsee as Pagar
Pramote Seangsorn
Dawan Singha-Wee as Pan
Kalyanut Sriboonrueng as Kanya
Pete Thong-Jeur as Nop
Three woman sit together and tell each other about ghost story which happened in Bangkok.
1. Legend of the Drum - An antiques dealer discovers that a dancer's musical spirit possesses an old drum in her shop.
2. Black Magic Woman - A lonely young woman is given an aphrodisiac perfume. It is extracted from corpses.
3. Revenge - A police cadet searches for the truth behind a girl's suicide by hanging.
L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
Basically only the 2nd story that i like throughout the whole movie. The actress has great boobs and a very pretty face. Love the scene especially the woman use he ass to flirt a guy in the boat, so hot!!!


Released Year: 2010
Directed by Mikael Håfström

Casted by:
John Cusack as Paul Soames
鞏俐 Gong Li as Anna
周潤發 Chow Yun-Fat as Anthony Lan Ting
渡辺謙 Ken Watanabe as Tanake
Paul came to Shanghai to find out who killed his best friend whom is a spy for the America's agent. He met with Captain Tanake who's the lead Japanese army; Anthony the head of gangster and Anna the pretty wife of Anthony. Paul was attracted to this beautiful chinese lady but she was a very dangerous person.

Paul found out that before his friend died, he went to find a Japanese woman, Sumiko. After the mysterious killing of Paul's friend, Sumiko disappear within the thin air. Later on Paul realised that Anna has kidnapped Sumiko. Anna is doing this because Sumiko is Tanake's lovely mistress. She can threaten Tanake with Sumiko to take revenge on her father's death and help to kick out the Japanese from Shanghai.

A little chase of here and there between Paul and Anna to get Sumiko. But Sumiko was addicted to Opium due to Anna's instruction. Tanake get Anthony's help to get back Sumiko. Tanake even told Paul that he has killed his best friend because he sleep with Sumiko, and Japan has announced war to America by bombing the Pearl Harbor. Sumiko is suffering too much, Tanake has to end her life.

Tanake was angry with Anna by kidnapping his mistress and would like to take Anna back to the Japanese ambassador but was rejected by Anthony. Anthony used machine gun to shoot down his opponent but he himself was shot too on the tummy. With the help of Paul and Anna, the three of them went to the port side to leave by cruise. But Japanese has took over the port and Anthony was dead due to loss of too much blood.

Paul brought Anna along and finally they departed from Shanghai which has been attacked by Japanese. But Anna left the cruise in the Macau's port to go back for the political event and revenge. Paul went back to America and continue his life of becoming a journalist.
L² Scored: 5.5/10

L² Comment:
Frankly, war-kinda-movie is not my favorite all these while. I do doze off a bit when i'm watching this film. Though i do learn a lil bit of the World War II's history, but hey... its kinda boring actually~ haha

Gong Li is still gorgeous and lil bit too stunning in this film. Her role is much more important than Chow Yun Fat. And basically, i think Chow Yun Fat's character is kinda normal, anybody can just act even Chow is not casted. Seriously, i think they overpaid for this character.

But surprisingly, i think Cusack acted quite well in this movie. 2 thumbs up for him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When in Rome

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

Casted by:
Kristen Bell as Beth Martin
Josh Duhamel as Nick Beamon
Dax Shepard as Gale
Danny DeVito as Al Russo
Will Arnett as Antonio
John Heder as Lance
Lee Pace as Brady Sacks
Beth was rejected by her ex boyfriend Brady Sacks and her baby sister is gonna marry with a guy whom she just met in a plane. Beth attended the wedding in Rome and met gorgeous Nick who she quickly has a crush on. But after watching Nick kiss a hot girl, Beth was dissapointed and get herself drunk at the love wishing pond.

Beth picked up 5 coins from the ponds and went back to USA. The sister called and told her that picking up coins from the pond will make that person fall in love with her, and it became truth. Antonio the artist, Al the sausage business man, Gale the model, Lance the street magician and the last coin was believe to belong to Nick.

The 5 guys went crazily for her and everyone use their best way to tackle Beth. Beth could not accept it and try to break the spell by returning the coin back to them. After returning all the coins, Nick still proposed to Beth and wanted to marry her. Beth happily agreed on it. But during the wedding, Lance the magician told her he has Nick's coin with him while performing magic. Beth thought Nick love her because of the spell and ran away from the wedding.

In the end Beth found out the coin did not belong to Nick but the priest instead. Finally the couple kiss and get married.
L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
First of all, i think Kristen Bell is so cute and sweet in this movie, absolutely adorable. Which guy will not fall for her? Haha, i think this is why the production team casted her in this movie. As for Josh Duhamel, he's hot. And of course a hot guy like him should marry to a hot girl, Fergie right? :)

As for the storyline, its fun, romantic and created some magical thingy too such as the wishing pond. How i wish i can go there too, hehe. Love the small little car of Antonio in the movie, it is so like Mr Bean's car... haha