Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet The Spartans

Released Year: 2008
Directed by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

Casted by:
Sean Maguire as Leonidas
Carmen Electra as Margo
Kevin Sorbo as Captain
Ken Davitian as Xerxes
Jareb Dauplaise as Dilio
Tavis Van Winkle as Sonio
In the Spartan, 3 kids were born. Baby Shrek was too greenish to become a warrior, baby Vietnamese was adopted by Brangelina while baby Leonidas was born with 6 packs, therefore he was taken to be train as the warrior.

Leonidas was send to fight some creatures in the cold winter, he met a giant penguin and success to kill it. Wearing the penguin head make him a real warrior in Spartan. Leonidas was announced as the king and he chose Margo as his queen in a dance.

One day, a messenger from King Xerxes came and request the Spartans to surrender to the Persian. The Spartans decided to announce for war and King Leonidas brought his army along. Within the armies, there's the hot captain and his extremely good looking son, Sonio. And of course with the only one fatty Dilio. The Spartans met a few groups of enemies along their journey and fight through the end till they meet King Xerxes. But while their armies get lesser, Leonidas send Dilio back to spartans to ask for more armies.

Queen Margo request the other elders to send out armies for Leonidas but was highly rejected by Traitoro. It seems like Traitoro is the sandman and Queen Margo quickly turn into spiderman to fight against him. Finally Margo won and troops of armies were send out by blue screen. With the armies, the Spartans finally win.

With the end of the movie, all cast were singing "I will survive" in the American Idol stage.
L² Scored: 2/10

L² Comment:
Not really funny though but the guys are hot~ Sean MaGuire body is superb :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am Legend

Released Year: 2007
Directed by Francis Lawrence

Casted by:
Will Smith as Robert Neville
Alice Braga as Anna
Year of 2012, Robert Neville is the last man on New York City. 3 years ago, a measles virus war has cause the whole world to be infect and a lot of the human beings has become "darkseekers" the monster who fed on those human with immune.

Robert is left with his dog, Sam. Both of them travel in New York city and look for food. But one day, Sam went into a dark area while chasing a deer. Darkseekers usually hide in the dark area which no sunlight can shine in. Robert went for rescue and discovered there's a lot of darkseekers resting inside. Robert set a trap and managed to caughta female darkseeker for his experience. But this piss off one of the lead male darkseeker.

One day while hunting for their food, Robert was shock to see one of the manikin was moved in front of a building. He went to find out but it was a trap and he hot hit unconscious while hang on the air. He only managed to wake up when the sky is about to get dark. He quickly cut off the rope which tied him up but was injured on his leg. He needed to crawl back to his car before the darkhound attack him. Too bad, the darkhound attack but Robert was defended by Sam and Sam was badly bitten.

Robert forced to kill Sam when Sam slowly transform into the darkhound. But he found out that his experience on saving the female darkseeker is getting a good result. But his sadness overcome the excitement. He drive at the night and ran over the darkseekers with car but he was attacked as well. Luckily Anna appeared with her son Ethan and rescue Robert.

Anna was from another part of America and came to Robert after she heard her radio call. Anna and Ethan is going to the survival camp at Vermont. They invited Robert to go along but he rejected. On that particular night, darkseekers came and attack Robert's house. It seems like the darkseekers follow them when Anna send him home that night. Three of them went to the basement experiment room and trapped in the glassroom. They saw the female darkseeker is healing. Robert offered to help others darkseekers but they refuse and still insist to attack.

Robert send Anna and Ethan in an old coal chute while passing her the blood sample of the female darkseeker who is recovering. Robert sacrifice himself and bomb the whole house. Anna and Ethan finally get to Vermont and send the successful sample for others. Their legacy, Robert's legend.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Kinda love this film when i was watching it in the cinema 3 years ago. Very impress by Will Smith's acting in this film. He brought out the loneliness and sadness of this character. And the part when he killed Sam, his expression is well done, bravo!!!

Well, i would say the story is simple yet meaningful. Not too length but just nice. A good movie i should say~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Chris Columbus
Casted by:
Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson
Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase
Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood
Pierce Brosnan as Chiron
Uma Thurman as Medusa
Movie starts with Poseidon appeared from the sea and went up to a towel to meet up with Zeus. Both brothers are arguing about the lost of the lightning weapon which Zeus create. Zeus suspect that Poseidon's son has stole the weapon and ask Poseidon to return it or else he will starts a war for it.

Son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson is a semi-god which mean he is a half god and half human. Percy never know his real identity until one day he was attacked by one of the teacher. But luckily he was saved by Grover and Chiron. Grover is his protection who is a half man and half goat while Chiron is half human combined with horse body.

Percy and Grover went back to find Percy's mum. While traveling to the training camp of the semi God, Percy's mum was caught by Hades. To rescue his mum, Percy need to learn all the tactics and fight he can get from Chiron. During the training, Percy meets the pretty Annabeth, daughter of Athena. When all the semi god students are having barbeque in the woods, Hades occurred from the fire and ask Percy to surrender the lightning weapon for him to exchange his mother back from hell.

Percy decided to leave and search for Hades. Eventually, Grover and Annabeth followed to help. Even Luke also lend out a good shield and flying shoes for Percy to accomplish this mission. But they need to find 3 pearls for their own used to get out from the hell after they enter. So, their first spot is on a statue garden. They discovered that Medusa is incharge at there, Medusa can turn others into rocks when you look at her eyes. Percy was smart enough to use the reflection and defeated Medusa by chopping her head off. Annabeth suggested to keep Medusa's head for a further use.

Their second location is at the Athena hall and they saw the pearl was at the Athena Statue's head. They will have to wait till the late night to get it. While knocking off 5 cleaners to unconsious, Percy used the flying shoes and managed to get the pearl. But then they found out the cleaners are actually the dragon with 5 heads. Three of them was unable to fight against the strong 5-head fire dragon, but luckily Grover remember Medua's head and turn the dragon into a statue instead.

Driving off their 3 pearl will be at the Lotus Casino in Las Vegas. After they eat the lotus, they were obssessed in the casino and forgot about their purpose of the journey. But in the end Percy was warned by a voice of his father and get the gang back into track. On the very last day of the war, they reach Hollywood and found the door to hell. The gang went there and met Hades. When Hades knocked down Percy, he discover that the lightning weapon was actually in the shield. Luke was the lightning thief !!! But in the end, Hades' wife released them but Grover has to stay and satisfy her sexual desire.

By saving Percy mother, they rush to the towel and handle the lightning weapon to Zeus. But Luke came with his flying shoes and tried to stop them. Luke told them his intention is to let the God fight against themselves and will try to take over their place and make the semi-god into the higher rank. Percy managed to control huge amount of water and defeat Luke.

Finally Percy managed to stop the war and explain everything to all the God assembly at there. Poseidon beg for Percy's forgiveness and Percy went back to the camp which where he belongs to.
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
Uma Thurman is the main reason i went for this film, this is exactly those poison ivy kind of character she's good at :) Her beautiful eye is breath-taking. Though she does not appear much but enough to make you remember her appearance. The story is kinda nice, but i'm not sure whether it follow the original novel or not.

Greek's God and Mythic Creatures are always the fancy kind of thing that i like. And all the actors and actresses are cute :) seriously, look at logan and u jst feel like pinching his cheeks~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Wolfman

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Joe Johnston

Casted by:
Benicio Del Toro as Lawrence Talbot
Anthony Hopkins as John Talbot
Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe
Hugo Weaving as Francis Aberline

Lawrence Talbot is a theater actor who received a letter from Gwen Conliffe, his brother's fiancee. Lawrence discover that his brother, Ben was missing when he went back to New York Talbot's mansion. John Talbot, Lawrence's father is still as weird as he used to be.

Few days later, Ben's body was discovered. Everyone suspect that Ben was attack by the bear in the Gypsy camp. To find out the truth, Lawrence and others went over the camp during the fullmoon and was attack by the wolfman. Lawrence got himself hurt when hunting down the wolfman. But surprisingly, the wounds and scars were heal by itself very quickly.

After get bit by the werewolf, Lawrence has been having weird illusion image flowing inside his mind. Lawrence even remember while he was small, he saw his mother killing herself by slashing razor on her throat. Lawrence also discover about the lycanthropy and werewolf will only kill by silver bullet. Francis Alberline as the police officer came to arrest Lawrence because suspect he will become the wolfman and hurt others. But John Talbot came and makes the policeman go away. During fullmoon, Lawrence finally found out he's one of the wolfman too.

After killing a few people when he's in the werewolf form, Lawrence feel guilty and went over to find Gwen and told her he has feeling for her. But Francis came and bring Gwen away. After figure something out, Lawrence discovered that John is the wolfman as well who kill Lawrence's mother and brother. Lawrence search for the silver bullet that their servant, Singh had. Lawrence used the silver bullet to kill John but not success. It seems like John has clear out the bullet powder which can't kill him. And about time of the fullmoon period, both of the father and son turn into werewolf and fight against each other.

The young werewolf is definitely not able to defeat the old and experienced wolfman. But one accident kick, the old wolfman fell into the fire and get himself burn. Taking this opportunity, the young werewolf smash off the head of the old wolfman and won the fight. But Francis and Gwen were here in the moment. The wolfman try to kill Gwen but was shot by Gwen with the silver bullet.

Before Lawrence die, he transform back into human form and thanks Gwen for ending this horrible life. With the dead of both wolfman, everyone thought this will be the end. But, nobody remember Francis was bit by the werewolf too...
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Hmm~ seriously, i fall asleep in the cinema. Am i too tired? No, i don't think so... the story is pretty pretty lame and boring. Its only talk about how the werewolf transform and nothing else. But at least the make up is not bad for the werewolf.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

14 Blades 錦衣衛

Released Year: 2010
Directed by 李仁港 Daniel Lee

Casted by:
甄子丹 Donnie Yen as 青龍 Qing Long
趙薇 Vicki Zhao as 喬花 Qiao Hua
徐子珊 Kate Tsui as 脫脫 Tuo Tuo
吳尊 Wu Chun as 大漠判官 The Judge
戚玉武 Qi Yu Wu as 玄武 Xuan Wu
Qing Long belongs to the Jin Yi Wei which is a secret guard in the Dynasty Ming. In the period which the lead eunuchs Jing Zhong tried to control the dynasty for Prince Qing to take over the emperor's place. Jing Zhong get Xuan Wu to be at his side and try to dissolve the Jin Yi Wei from protecting the emperor. Xuan Wu betrayed his gang and killed Zhu Que and Bai Hu. Jing Zhong even try to kill the Imperial Councilor Zhao Shen Yang.

Qing Long managed to escape himself and get himself covered in the Eagles Gang which lead by Qiao Yong. Qiao Yong received the premium and promised to send Qing Long out from danger in the pretending of Qiao Hua's marriage. In the journey, Prince Qing's god-daughter Tuo Tuo appeared and attack. The judge of sands appear and help to protect Qing Long but was killed by Tuo Tuo.

Qiao Hua has falled for Qing Long and try to be with him. But Qing Long wanna take revenge for his Jin Yi Wei fellow and get away to find Xuan Wu. In another hand, Xuan Wu betrayed Jing Zhong and straight ahead work under Prince Qing. Qing Long appeared and defeat Xuan Wu. Qing Long send Qiao Hua away and stay to fight against Tuo Tuo.

Tuo Tuo is an experienced killer and managed to beat Qing Long like hell. But in the end, Qing Long sacrificed himself and killed Tuo Tuo with himself. In final, Qiao Hua spends her whole life as the lead of Eagles Gang.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
The movie is not bad, story line is kinda strong and the actors and actresses are good. Donnie and Wu Chun is definitely hot but Qi Yu Wu the singaporean actor doesn't really have the chance to shine. Kate Tsui definitely over shine Vicki Zhao with her boodylicious :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Released Year: 2009
Directed by Guy Ritchie

Casted by:
Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes
Jude Law as John Watson
Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler
Mark Strong as Henry Blackwood
Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective with his partner Dr John Watson. They managed to solved a lot of cases and earn money for their living. In the latest case, they managed to arrest Henry Blackwood, a ritual killer.

John decided to move out with his fiancee, Sherlock get frustrated and always lock himself in the room. Three months later, when its about time for Blackwood to execute, he request to meet up with Sherlock. During their meet up, Blackwood told him that this is not the end yet, three more person will die. Irene Adler, a criminal who outsmart Holmes twice in the past, but Holmes still deeply in love with her. Irene told Sherlock that she has divorced and hope to have a new affair with him but Sherlock didn't give her an answer.

After Blackwood execution, John as the doctor has certified his death. But not long later, Blackwood's corpse is gone and everyone thought this is a black magic. As what have been mentioned by Blackwood, 2 more important people die in sequence. Before the death of the 3rd person, Sherlock managed to figure out this will be someone from the British Parliament. Sherlock let the police arrest him in purpose and bring him to meet the Home Secretary, Lord Coward. Apparently Coward belongs to the Blackwood gang for all this dirty tricks and reveal the whole things to Holmes. Holmes later broke off from the window and jump to the river where John and Watson are there in a boat.

The three of them went and dissolved Blackwood's trick, but Irene ran away with a cylinder which is very valuable. Blackwood run and fight with Sherlock and Irene on a construction bridge. In the end, Blackwood got hung on the bridge and die like what he supposed to in his execution. Later on Sherlock discovered that Irene is working for a guy name Proffesor Moriarty. He handcuffed Irene but left her the key.

Holmes later explained everything to John about how he discovered the tricks of Blackwood as a closing of this film.
L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
Before i went for the movie i was so excited, but i'm a bit confused after the whole movie. I thought this detective movie will be as good as the preview, but ...i dont know... maybe i'm not good in watching guy ritchie's movie. :P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Released Year: 2006
Directed by Jason Todd Ipson

Casted by:
Corri English as Alison Blanchard
Scot Davis as Brian Cross
Marisa Petroro as Alita Covas / Norma
Alison and Brian are doctors for their 1st year. They have to learn on human body and eventually they were arrange into the same group. Alison believes there's existence of spirits and dead body should be respect. But the others were teasing this corpse which they are gonna cut off later.

The corpse is a female with lots of cut on her body, they name her "norma". Norma is the weirdest corpse ever, the organ goes warm and fluid still squid out from her body even though she has been process for the study. Series of case happened to those who touched norma before, all of them has died one by one. Its left for Alison and Brian to found out the truth and find a solution.
Align Center
They finally discovered that norma real name is Alita Covas from South America. She was possessed by 15,000 devil spirit when she visited a tomb of a dead city. Alita was having mental problem and always cut her own flesh. The only thing to stop the killing sequence is to burn Alita's body. But accident happen again, Brian almost got drown. Alison has to make it by herself and burn off Alita's body to let her rest in peaceJustify Full.
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Kind of excited at first, but as the movie goes on... its like kinda predicted on the story line. And there's no scene showing Alita's exploring the tomb but just verbally told by the other 2 characters... And hell, all the trainee doctors have awesome body... i mean, how come? i will want to visit this hospital everyday if all their doc looks so cute and hot~

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Released Year: 2009
Directed by Kevin Tancharoen

Casted by:
Naturi Naughton as Denise Dupree
Kay Panabaker as Jenny Garrison
Asher Book as Marco Ramone
Collins Pennie as Malik Washburn
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Joy Moy
Kherington Payne as Alice Ellerton
Walter Perez as Victor Taveras
Paul McGill as Kevin Barrett
Paul Lacono as Neil Baczynsky
In the freshman year, students learn on the first day of classes that their teachers expect them to know everything. In dance class, Ms. Kraft is worried about Kevin's dancing, but is easily impressed by Alice. In acting class, Jenny feels uncomfortable to let loose and be crazy like everyone else. In music class, Mr. Cranston gives Victor pointers, while Denise plays the music perfectly on the piano.

In the lunchroom, everyone practices their major and they all get up and dance ("This Is My Life"), while Denise and Malik escape the madness and they talk to each other, Denise saying that her parents thinks that the school is "people sitting around, practicing cello all day", and that they would die if they see this. Malik reveals that his mom doesn't even know that he is going to the school. Just before freshman year ends, it shows Malik at his apartment, his mom finding his report card, making it clear that he goes to P.A. She is angry and asks who even told him he was special, but he still continues to go to the school. The year closes after she goes to work and leaves Malik standing alone.

While in sophomore year As the new school year begins, it shows the dancers all practicing in a circle, but once it is Kevin's turn, he is out-shined and is forced to go back in his original spot. Victor is having trouble sticking to the right music, and adds his own spin on whatever he is playing, which doesn't sit well with Mr. Cranston. Malik, in theater class, talks about his dead sister, Ayanna, causing Mr. Dowd to ask questions that he refuses to answer. Malik then leaves, stating that he's going to be famous, no matter what anyone else says.

Denise is playing her classical piano, but then starts to sing, assuming she is alone. When the bell rings, she leaves, and it is revealed to the audience that Malik was watching the whole time. He brings her to Victor and convinces her to sing for the album that they are producing. She agrees to it, as long as her strict father doesn't find out. At a Halloween party, Malik plays the song, but says the vocals are "anonymous", upsetting Denise, which confuses Malik. Joy is in the park, and she gets up and does a rap, vomiting at the end of it. Neil captures this in his documentary and presents it to the class.

Marco asks Jenny out on a date (though not for the first time), and she asks why he keeps trying. However, she agrees to go with him to dinner at his dad's restaurant, where she convinces him to play a song and sing on the piano. He does ("Try"), and she gives him a money tip. The sophomore year portion of the movie ends with them kissing.

Junior year Joy, who now has a casting agent, is annoyed. She has another audition, but does not think it's a good idea to go, because the other girls against her always seem to get the part. Neil says that he is meeting with a producer for a short, independent film he wrote and hopes to direct himself. Marco and Jenny go to a party, where Jenny sees a boy name Andy Matthews, a former P.A. student who is now a professional actor and known player. He tells her that he can have her meet with his agent, and the naive Jenny gives him her number. Marco leaves, having seen the last part, and Jenny runs out after him. They have a minor fight, but she promises that she will never talk to Andy again, and they go back to her house.

Victor, Malik, and Denise meet with a man from a record company, who says that their demo is interesting, and he will play it at the next meeting and get back to them. Victor and Malik are overjoyed, but Denise is still hesitant. At the next meeting, the producer tells them that Denise is the reason he was interested in their music. He tries to persuade her to stay. Joy tells Jenny and Neil that she got a part-time acting job on Sesame Street and is very excited about it. Ms. Rowan, the voice teacher, takes some of the students to a karaoke bar where she ends up singing as well.

Jenny goes to meet Andy, who lures her by promising to have her meet with the casting director, on the set of his show, despite what she said to Marco. When she arrives, Andy tells her the director is out sick. He comes onto her, but she stops him and angrily leaves. She tells Marco, and he asks if Andy tried anything, saying that he knew this would happen. She interrupts, saying that if all he wanted to do was flirt, that would be okay. This just makes Marco angrier, and he says that if fame was really that important to her then he hopes she gets the job. He then leaves her sobbing his name on a rooftop. Neil tries to get his equipment for the movie, but when he tries to find his producer, he is discovered to be gone, along with the $5,000.

At their senior year Kevin has a meeting with Ms. Kraft, the dance teacher, because he asked her to write him a letter of recommendation. She says she can not write him the letter, because she believes he is not talented enough to become a professional dancer. This causes him to attempt suicide by stepping in front of a subway car. Joy and Jenny are there to stop him. Victor is told by his girlfriend, Alice, that she is going on a world tour next week. He asks if she will visit him, but she says that after P.A., couples usually go their separate ways. She leaves and he is heartbroken.

Joy drops out of school before graduation, because she is working on Sesame Street full-time now and her grades have suffered. Malik talks with Mr. Dowd about his father, which leads to Mr. Dowd telling him about breaking down his walls. Victor, Malik and Denise put on a hip-hop concert at a club and Denise's parents show up. She goes on anyway and wins over her mother during the performance. Marco, along with many of his classmates, is there to watch but when he sees Jenny come in, he says he has to go. Jenny stops him from leaving, saying that she's been thinking a lot about him, and that it kills her that she hurt him. He reveals that he can't stop thinking about her either, but that they should just talk about it later. Later, during the concert, he puts his arms around her and they smile at each other.

When Denise leaves with her parents, her dad says that he is pulling her out of P.A., even though she is about to graduate. Her mom stops him and says that if Denise wants to sing, she should sing.

Graduation. Before graduation, Jenny gives a speech about success to the graduating class, saying that she felt it when she was in the school. Kevin tells Joy that he is moving back to Iowa, and that he is going to be the best damn dance teacher there's ever been. During the graduation performance, everyone participates ("Hold Your Dream"), with Denise as the main singer. It ends with all the characters followed graduating (except Joy and Alice).
L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
I took the description of this movie from a website. This movie is too good for me to write a review of it :) it took my breath away~ superb

Friday, February 5, 2010


Released Year: 2009
Directed by Larry Charles

Casted by:
Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno
Gustaf Hammarsten as Lutz
Bruno wanted to become a famous celebrities from Austria beside Hitler, therefore he went over to America to achieve his dream with his assistant Lutz. He tried very hard to be a host, a reporter but nothing come in action. Celebrities like Paula Abdul and Jamie Lynn Spears are invited to do interview with him but turn out to storm out of the scene angrily.

Later on, Bruno tried to adopt a black baby boy to make himself like a good guy. But this good guy image spoilt when all the black people feel that he's doing something bad to the child. While he watch video of Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Kevin Spacey, he know that if a homosexual guy turned to be heterosexual, they will get famous. So he went to become a wrestler.

During wrestling, Lutz came back and look for him and both of them have sex inside the ring. In the end, Bruno gave up his dream to become a famous celebrity in Hollywood and get settled down with Lutz.
L² Scored: 0/10

L² Comment:
This is the most stupid movie i have watched in my life. It totally make me vomit with the stupidity and senseless story line. The actor is sucks and yucky. Beside showing all the cheapskate celebrities like Paula Abdul, there's nothing good in this film. I would have give it a negative mark if Bruno didn't show his cock.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Savior of The Soul 2 - 92神鵰俠侶之癡心情長劍

Released Year: 1992
Directed by 黎大煒 David, 元奎 Corey & 劉德華 Andy

Casted by:
刘德华 Andy Lau as Cheng Ren
关之琳 Rosamund Kwan as Gugu
关淑怡 Shirley Kwan as Ruby
吴耀汉 Richard Ng as Devil

Cheng Ren is living in the antarctic with his god son and god father who is a professor. They are looking for chances to earn more money. They found out that the virgin ice on the hill cost a lot so they started their journey to seek for the virgin ice.

When they reached the hill roots, they have to rest in a station with Ruby incharged of. Ruby and her gang is wild girl who trick others to spend on them. But Ruby is falling in love with the good looking Cheng Ren but Cheng Ren didn't have feeling for her. When they reach the hill, Cheng Ren and gang met his dream lover, Gugu. She's the goddess from virgin ice. They quickly fall in love with each other.

Too bad, the devil has make his aim on the virgin ice and decided to grab it from them. Later on, they involved in fights and Cheng Ren get hurt. To save him, Gugu gave her Qi to him and was trapped in the ice forever. Cheng Ren cannot let the devil take Gugu and went back to save her. In the fight, Cheng Ren gave the Qi back to Gugu and Gugu managed to defeat the devil.

But Cheng Ren is not able to live anymore. Gugu has to bring him back to antarctic to maintain his own Qi to survive. Later on, rumors said that there's couple who live in the antarctic who's really in love with each other.
L² Scored: 1/10

L² Comment:
What should i say? Besides stupid, there's nothing else i wanna say. And kinda dissapointed at Shirley Kwan for taking up such an idiotic character... She totally spoiled her image inside my mind...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saw 6

Released Year: 2009
Directed by Kevin Greutert

Casted by:
Peter Outerbridge as William Easton
Tobin Bell as John Kramer aka Jigsaw
Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman
Betsy Russell as Jill Tuck
The movie began with 2 shark-loan trapped in 2 different cages. They are instruct to cut off their flesh and put it into a weight machine, whoever get the most weight will win. Its a war between a fat white man and a black woman. They compete by chopping off themselves, in the end the black woman win by chopping off her head while the fat guy was screw at his brain and died on spot.

Jill Tuck who believes to have the instruction from Jigsaw handles 5 envelopes to Lieutenant Mark Hoffman who is handling the jigsaw case. Being a crazy man, Mark took the 5 envelopes and arranged a series of killing activities. First will be William Easton who is the executive of an insurance company. It is believe that Jigsaw was having a problem of claiming his medical insurance when he needs help, therefore, William is put in this trap.

William was put on a mask with another opponent Hank who is his janitor. Whoever breathe much will ends up getting their ribs burst off. Hank is a smoker and he cannot stop himself from breathing, in the end his life is end. William set himself free and is ready to go to another stage which he needs to decides on others' life.

Next will be Allen the file clerk and Addy the secretary. Allen is young but an orphan who has no family with him in US while Addy is an old woman who has her family. In the end, William chose Addy over Allen and saved her ass from going to hell.

Next, William met Debbie the attorney. She is William's mistress. She was in a maze which have a lot of trap that blew out hot steam. She need to goes to the end of the maze to get a key to free herself. William directed her through the maze but in the end they found out that the key was planted inside William. Debbie wanted to kill William for the key but she's out of time and her brain was poke out instead.

While William walk through a place, he saw 6 of his best staff sitting in a spinning wheel. 4 of them will be shot to death while only 2 will be allow to leave. If William did not make his decision by certain time frame, all 6 of them will be shot. In the end, William chose 2 of the female colleagues while sacrifice others by being cursed.

On the final round, William came in between 2 cages. Pamela, William's sister on one cage while Tara and Brent in another. Tara is the wife of one of William's client, but unable to make claims for his policy. William make decision to let Pamela stay alive. But it turn out Tara and Brent has the chance to decide whether they wanna kill William with acid or not. Tara can't do it, but the son Brent press the kill button and ends William's life.

When everything come to an end, Jill has the 6th envelope which makes to kill Mark Hoffman. And Mark in the end also can't escape his faith and get trap. But he managed to save his life but his jaw was broken.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Excellent gruesome movie from the SAW series. But a bit confused for me as i only watched Saw 1 & 2... not really been chasing it in sequence, so i m note sure about the relationship of john with some other characters in the previous series... but nevertheless, the tactics of torturing are still the best :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jan Dara 晚孃 จัน ดารา

Released Year: 2001
Directed by Nonzee Nimibutr

Casted by:
Suwinit Panjamawat as Jan Dara (Youngster)
Santisuk Promsiri as Khun Luang
鍾麗緹 Christy Chung as Boonlueang
Wipawee Charoenpura as Waad
Eakarat Sarsukh as Jan Dara (Adult)Story:
When Jan Dara was born, his mother died after the birth. Jan's father Khun Luang cursed him and called him Dara which is known as bastard. As Jan Dara grow up, Khun abused him and even have sex with maids in front of him. Luckily Aunty Waad was there to take care of him. Later on Waad married with Khun and gave birth to Kaew.

Since young, Khun has taught Kaew to look down at Jan and treat him badly. Until the year when Jan Dara become 13, Khun married another woman Boonlueang who become the new stepmother for Jan. In this year, Jan also experience about sex with the maids, Khen and Pek. Pek is the maid for Kaew. When Kaew discovered that Pek is pregnant with Khen's baby, Pek is chase out from the family.

During his time with Boonlueang, Jan learn how to write and gained more knowledge. But when one time he saw Boonlueang bathing, he was seduced and later on have sex with his stepmother. But Kaew is a lesbian who love her maid Pek. She tried to set up a trap to accuse Khen of raping her, but Jan took his responsibility and was send away by his father.

When Jan has grow up as an adult, he was arrange back to marry Kaew who has got pregnant. Jan continued to have sex with Boonluaeng and when discover by Khun. But Khun didn't do anything because he's already useless in performing sex. And Kaew have been having sex with Boonlueang as well.

On the day of his wedding, Jan has sex with maid in his father study room. He was sad because his mother portrait is there. He found that he will never get released from this sex things which he has been doing. And by the end of the movie, Jan discovered his mother got pregnant of him after a gang raped.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Love this movie because all the actors and actresses are good looking in real person. Christy Chung is really hot and Suwinit is damn cute. But the 3 points less from the perfect will be on the story line which is a bit lengthy and boring.