Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boy Culture

Released Year: 2006
Directed by Q Allan Brocka

Casted by:
Derek Magyar as Alex "X"
Darryl Stephens as Andrew
Jonathan Trent as Joey
Patrick Bauchau as Gregory Talbot
Three hot stud living together as roommate, X, Andrew & Joey. 3 typical gay guys. X is working as prostitute and earn quite a lot for his living. He has feeling for Andrew the nice hot stallion while Joey is deeply in love with him. X also has Gregory as his client who just need him to sit aside and listen to his old story.

Not long later, Andrew found himself having feeling towards X and approach him. But X doesn't wanna give up his hustler job therefore he rejected. But his feeling for Andrew did not reduce. Joey keeps on approach X but is not getting any results. One night when X came home, he found that Joey and Andrew is having a threesome with another guy. Getting jealous, he rush back to his room.

X decided to try out the relationship with Andrew and went back to his hometown to attend his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Though X is trying on this relationship, but he refuse to put on full concern on the relationship. Andrew later meet on with another guy and decided to move away.

Gregory advice X to open up his heart and also told Andrew about how X feels for him. In the end, X accepted Andrew and give up on his prostitution job.
L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
The whole movie is kinda simple and kinda a bit boring in certain parts. But this is based on a novel, so nothing really too excited...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Michael Lembeck

Casted by:
Dwayne Johnson as Derek Thompson
Stephen Merchant as Tracy
Ashley Judd as Carly
Julie Andrews as Lily
Derek Thompson is a ice skating hokey player who is also known as the "tooth fairy", it is because whenever he block some opponents with his hardcore strength, they will lose their tooth. But everyone including the coach and fans have forgotten Derek is also once a scorer until he met an accident. And then there's a new 18 years old Mick Donelly came into their team which steals Derek's fame away.

Derek has been dating Carly, a mother of one son and a daughter. He enjoys spending his time with Tess who is innocent but not Randy who always stay in his own room and play his guitar. One night while taking care of Tess, Derek told Tess that there is no "tooth fairy" in this earth. The next morning, Derek found a summons under his pillow for charging him of not believing in fairies. He grew wings and later on brought to the fairy land to become a real tooth fairy.

He met Tracy (guy) who is a fairy without wings whom incharge of the admin side and also Lily the fairy god-mother who charge Derek of this sin. At first, Derek needs to learn how to fly, use his shrinking paste, and all other fairy rules and regulations. He crash on a few of his assignments and Lily is not happy with it. Then Derek came up with his hockey style of tooth fairy which really helps him a lot in his fairy job.

Later on, Derek managed to tackle back Carly and try his best to get along with Randy. He even encourage Randy to practice for his talent night. Derek also train Tracy who is a tooth fairy wannabe so that he can become a real tooth fairy as well. Of course, Derek himself also train himself to become a scorer again. After tons of practice, Derek still failed.

He become so ferocious and spoil everybody's dream. But the last assignment he has to do is to collect Tess' tooth. He then told Tess about the existing of fairy and send Randy to his talent night. Later on, Lily is so proud of him and announced that his charge is officially off. Besides, Tracy also gained himself as the tooth fairy trainee.

In the end, everybody applause for Randy great performance and Derek managed to ask Carly to marry him. Also in the hockey team, Derek is able to score for the team and win back his fame once again.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Kinda love the fairy tales thingy. Dwayne Johnson is always my fav wrestler :) And Julie Andrews is still perfect :) But Ashley Judd, hmmm~ she's kinda fat now and looks so old... why did they crew find her to match with Dwayne? weird...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Released Year: 2004
Directed by Paul Haggis

Casted by:
Don Cheadle as Graham Waters
Matt Dillon as John Ryan
Ryan Phillippe as Tommy Hansen
Terrence Howard as Cameron Thayer
Brendan Fraser as Rick Cabot
Thandie Newton as Christine Thayer
Sandra Bullock as Jean Cabot
In the city of Los Angeles, all these characters life are related to one and another of their life. The story will start with 2 black youngster Anthony and Peter Waters complaining how the restaurant mistreat them because they are black. Just when they saw Rick and Jean, the white couple, the 2 black youngster rob them and took their car away.

Rick is a district attorney who manipulates racial politics in order to further his career. He tried to blackmail Detective Graham Waters so that he will not loss the support from the black community in the coming election. But Rick wife's Jean is super-duper racitst white woman, who does not wanna give herself in this and even scold her Hispanic maid, Maria and a mexican locksmith who came to fix their door.

In another hand, a persian shop owner went to buy a gun with his daughter to protect his shop and family. But due to his selfishness, he refuse to change the door as advice by the mexican locksmith. In the end, the shop was rob and no insurance coverage on his loss.

Tommy and John are 2 policeman who is on duty and found out a black couple is having oral sex on a highway. This black couples is Cameron and Christine. John sexually molests Christine under the pretense of searching for a weapon. Cameron did not do anything but just beg to let them go. Christine was frustrated towards her husband respond as Cameron is a tv cast producer who has been trying so hard to fit into the whiteman society.

Graham Waters is frustrated with his mother of keep on urging him to find his younger brother Peter who ran away from home. He pissed off his latino girlfriend, Ria when he answered on phone during sex. He later went to visit his mum but still not really put his effort to find his brother. In the meanwhile, Tommy cannot stand with John for his behavior and ask to on duty alone. John is happily work with his new partner when he saw an accident. John went for the help and Christine is the victim. The car almost explode and John finally persuade Christine to let him do the rescue and both of them are save.

In another hand, Cameron was rob by Anthony and Peter but he beat Peter off his car and crazily fought with Anthony in his car. Policy came for arrest and Tommy was there. To protect his own black people, Cameron finally dare to stand up and protest for his black society. While Tommy was driving back, he met Peter who is hitch-hiking. He tought Peter wanna rob him and accidentally shot him to death.

The persian owner was not happy that his shop was rob and went looking for the mexican locksmith with the gun he bought. He shot the locksmith but the mexican's daughter rush up and hug her dad. But luckily, the Persian's daughter did not buy the real bullet for him. Persian owner regret on his behavior and went back home. As for Jean, she falled from the stairs and called her best friend to help, but the best friend claim that she's busying doing her nails and is not free. Only the hispanic maid came for help. Finally Jean realised her own racists mind is not correct.

As for Graham, he finally found his brother's dead body. The mother will not forgive him.
L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
One word, wow~ Love the way how the story presented. All the actors and actresses are A class :) Especially Don Cheadle. The whole film mainly talk about the discrimination of races and the change of their thoughts, very nice and real. Kinda heavy though. But i would not miss this nice film. Oscar best film in 2005 which beat down the Brokeback Mountain.

Monday, January 18, 2010

City Without Baseball 無野之城

Released Year: 2008
Directed by 雲翔 Scud Lawrence Ah Mon

Casted by:
香子俊 Roy Heung as 香子俊 himself
梁宇聰 Leung Yu Chung as 梁宇聰 himself
戴於程 John Tai as 戴於程 himself
曾健忠 Tang Kin Chung as 曾健忠 himself
林苑 Lin Yuan 梅子 Meiziko
The Hong Kong Baseball Team is hiring a new coach from Taiwan, John. John is an expert in baseball and hopefully will help to push the Hong Kong team to the next level in the international status. John found that Roy and Leung are actually talented player in the team but Roy does not fit well with other team players.

John met a girl who he likes a lot from China. She's working in a coffee shop near the beach, they fall deeply in love but John is not able to persuade her to move to Taiwan with him. In another hand, Roy got a girlfriend name Meiziko who flirt around with Leung. When Roy has sex with Meiziko, Roy's roomate, a caucasian suddenly rush in. After the caucasian makes fun and excuse himself, Meiziko ask whether Roy try to have sex with another male before. Roy was confused so he ask his roomate's opinion while both of them strip off naked.

During one event, the team celebrated Leung's birthday which make Roy jealous as his birthday is the same day too, but seems like nobody know about it. Meiziko even challenged Leung to took off his pants and show everybody his cock. Roy got angry and later has a fight with all the team members when they are having shower. John is frustrated of their behavior and punish Roy to have a run in the field. Being angry, Roy run nakedly to show his angriness. Leung as the most talented pitcher in HK team fall in love with a girl name Kim who always wanted to suicide.

Finally, it is time for the Asian Cup. The Hong Kong team is in full energy to participate but they loss in their first game. But they never gave up and continue to fight fight fight. They won another 3 games. The HK team has a big chance to own the 1st runner up in the asian cup if they win again in the 5th game which is the Sri Langka team. The Sri Langka team is the worst team in the competition. But on their celebration of the 4th game, Roy gave Leung a kiss and told him that he is in love with him.

Leung cannot accept homosexual and rejected Roy. In the 5th game, they loss to the Sri Langka team. Everybody is dissapointed and return back to HK to make this film.
L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
This is a real documentary film about the Hong Kong baseball team. But of coz some of the story is just added in to make the film more lifely. All the baseball player and coach are not actors but they are really from the Hong Kong team. They are so daring enough to go full frontal naked in the film, so you will be seeing all the butts and cocks swinging around in the film.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Cell

Released Year: 2000
Directed by Tarsem Singh

Casted by:
Jennifer Lopez as Catherine Deane
Vincent D'Onofrio as Carl Rudolph Stargher
Vince Vaughn as Peter Novak
Catherine is an expert on the experimental treatment for coma patients. The lab eventually make up a virtual reality device that allows Catherine to enter into the minds of her patients and attempt to coax them into consciousness.

Carl is a crazy serial killer who killed all his victims by drowning them and breach the color off them while making them into dolls. Currently he caught a new victim and has set a remote to drown her in a tank, but Carl falls into a coma before the FBI agent Peter caught him. They send Carl to the lab to find out where he kept his victim.

Catherine enters Carl mind and found out that there are 2 parts of Carl inside. The innocent part is Carl childhood who were beaten and abuse by his father while the evil part is the one who do all the serial killing. Catherine was captured inside Carl's mind and Peter went in to rescue her. Inside there, they fought with evil Carl and managed to discover where he kept the last victim. Later on both of them exit Carl's mind. Peter went to save the last victim from tank while Catherine enters Carl mind again.

This time, Catherine do the reverse and lead Carl into her mind with full of hope. She guided Carl innocent part and killed off the evil part. This experiment was a success. Catherine then has used this reverse treatment to save all her coma patients.
L² Scored: 5.5/10

L² Comment:
The story is kinda new and different. But the whole story line is a bit dull and yet not very pulling out the emotion part.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Samsara 色戒

Released Year: 2001
Directed by Pan Nalin

Casted by:
Shawn Ku as Tashi
鍾麗緹 Christy Chung as Pema
Neelesha BaVora as Sujata

Tashi has been send by his parents to become a Lama monk since he was five, years old and he has been become a monk for 12 years. The final 3 years, he has been doing a mediation in a mountain hole to find out the truth way of become a god. His master and other monk brought him out.

When he's back to the temple, he too was send to do some job together with other Lama for the citizens ceremonies. During one event, he accidentally saw a lady breast-feeding her son. He was shocked but quickly fall in love with woman breast. At night, he got wet dream which worried his best monk-friend Sonam. While in one event, Tashi met a beautiful girl name Pema and has wet dream once again. This time, Sonam decided to tell the senior master regarding Tashi's behavior. Tashi was then queried about Amibudha's life before he become a monk. Amibudha has had his normal life which Tashi think he deserves to try. Therefore, he left the temple and live as a normal person and work for his own living.

Tashi work for Pema's family, they have sex in the padi-field but was caught. Pema's father agreed to let them get marry and they later on gave birth to a son whom they name him as Karma. But they were bullied by a local buyer and tried to pressed down their selling price. To earn more, Tashi and his father-in-law went to the Tibet City by themselves and managed to sell their goods in a good price. But by doing this, they brought in a lot of modern things which make Pema and others uncomfortable.

One night, Tashi & Pema's padi was on fire. Tashi thought the local bullied did it and try toargue with them but was beat to hell. He was too hurt to do business in city, therefore Pema went this time. There was this one indian worker who work for them, Sujata. Sujata's erotic look fancied Tashi, She went to have sex with Tashi when Pema is away. Tashi later on regret on his misbehavior. At this moment, he saw Sonam. Sonam told him that senior master has passed away and request him to go back to the temple and become a Lama again.

Tashi thought about his life as a normal person and know that he has been suffered enough so he decided to become a Lama again. He met Pema on his way, Pema told his about Amibudha's wife when Amibudha is still not a monk. Abandoned his wife and become a monk, Amibudha's wife has live a suffer life to raise their kid and become a married woman without a husband. The sad story confused Tashi and he cried. But in the end, he chose to end his samsara and become a Lama again.
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
Personally i gave 3 points to Christy's nice boobs, 2 points to Neelesha's huge boobs and another 2.5 to the story line only. I'm sorry to say that the story is ok but the ending was not good. Why did Tashi think he has suffered enough? Seriously, i can't feel it in the movie despite he feel regret on betraying his wife and have sex with another woman. Does this enough to make him give up on his samsara? gosh~

And the way Pema talks about Amibudha's wife life is a bit touching and i think its quite good. Who would ever thought about how the wife feeling when her husband chose to become a monk and left the whole family behind? I'm not querie about Amibudha's decision becoz i respect this God, but i just dont understand. I think as a man, you must be responsible towards your families. Well, this is just my opinion...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mulan 花木蘭

Released Year: 2009
Directed by 馬楚成 Jingle Ma

Casted by:
趙薇 Vicki Zhao as 花木蘭 Hua Mulan
陳坤 Chen Kun as 文泰 Wen Tai
胡軍 Hu Jun as 门独 Men Du
房祖名 Jaycee Chan as 費小虎 Fei Xiao Hu
李玖哲 Nicky Lee as 胡奎 Hu Kui
Vitas as 古德 Gu De
徐嬌 Xu Jiao as 花木蘭 Young Mulan

Mulan is a young girl who know martial arts, she came from the country of Wei who happened to be in a war. Citizens were recruited to be armies, she was worried that the old father has to fight in the war, therefore, she dressed up as a boy and represent her father in the recruitment together with her friend, Xiao Hu.

During the training camp, Mulan met Wen Tai who is a very charming assistant general and also Hu Kui who is not so friendly. She was having problem to cover up herself as a girl especially when she need to bath. In the end, Wen Tai found out she's a girl but willing to hide it for her.

As wars came, everybody do their best and fight against Men Du's armies to protect Wei. And of coz Wen Tai has been promoted to become the general and Mulan become his assistant. Their fame become so big until other general become jealous and abandoned them in one of a big war with Men Du.

Xiao Fu and gang was captured and killed on spot, Hu Kui went for rescue but got killed too. At this moment, Wen Tai came and offer to the enemy and tell them actually he is the 7th prince of the emperor. Men Du catch Wen Tai and left Mulan and armies behind. For love, Mulan can't let Wen Tai died like this, she sneak in and seek help from the Rou Ran Princess. Rou Ran Princess was not happy to marry with Men Du and promise to help. In the end, Mulan killed Men Du and saved Wen Tai.

The emperor offer Mulan for a higher ranking but she rejected and went back for his father. Wen Tai has engaged with the princess but he is still missing Mulan and try to run away with her. But Mulan decided not to, because the marriage of Wen Tai and Rou Ran Princess will make sure Wei be in safe mode.
L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
I should say that i like Jingle Ma production, but this Mulan is kinda dissapointed. It did not tell much on the history which is the selling point for Mulan. And Mulan didnt read out the poem that she wrote in the real history. But all the actors and acrtresses are not bad. I never realised Vitas is the most popular singer in Russia now if my sister didnt tell me about it :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Creatures From The Abyss

Released Year: 1982
Directed by Al Passeri

Casted by:
Clay Rogers as Mike
Sharon Twomey as Margaret
Michael Bon as Bobby
5 youngter with Mike and Margaret the engaged couple; Julie and Dorothy 2 sister and Bobby the playboy planned to have a trip around the ocean but they accidentally left over the petrol for add-up purpose. While petrol gone, they were lost in the sea and met a strong storm. Luckily the saw a cruise, but is it a good thing? Certainly not.

The cruise is very high tech with all computerized and a ugly-mermaid-like-talking-rubbish-clock hanging on one of the wall. The cruise is totally empty. They make themselves comfortable by making foods and dancing. While Margaret and Julie are frying fish, Julie was shock to see one of the fish move when its on fire. Fire burn but Margaret managed to put it down, they only left with one fish and Dorothy happened to eat it as her dinner. Later on, they tried to exposed on the underground of the cruise and Bobby thought he found some drugs and tasted it. But to their surprise, they found a chemist at there and save him up.

Mike found it quite suspicious and went to the cruise's lab to check on their computer. It seems like this cruise is doing a research on fishes from Abyss. These fishes are more than 1000 years ago, some of then have already extinct. They have ate those polluted food and become mutant. These mutant fish are attracted to sexual activities. While looking through this, one of the fish awake and bit Margaret's neck.

Mike and Bobby vanished the fish and all others which are not awake. Later that night, horny Julie tried to grab her sister boyfriend Bobby, she went into his room to have sex. While having rough sex, Bobby suddenly transform into horrible mutant fish. It seems like the drug that Bobby took earlier is not drug but some of the mutant fishes' left over.

Mike and Margaret heard Julie's shout and ran in for help. But Bobby transform back into human form. Later on, they tried to escape but Dorothy who ate the fish transform and try to attack Mike but failed. Mike get angry and try to blast off the ship with fuel. While Julie who has mutant sperm inside her was ready to give birth to mutant fish.

Feeling horror, the couple gets the chemist and try to escape while the boat blast. But Margaret was bitten earlier on and is about to transform into mutant fish. She was afraid and kill herself. The cruise blast off and Mike is the only one to escape and try to swim away. But final shot was Mike is attack by the mutant in sea as well.
L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
Watched this movie becoz i love horror film. But this 1982 production is a bit dumb and silly. And the fish and all other things are kinda fake.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Golden Chicken 2 金雞 2

Released Year: 2003
Directed by 趙良駿 Zhao Liang-Jun

Casted by:
吳君如 Sandra Ng as 金如 Kam
張學友 Jacky Chan as Kwan
郑中基 Ronald Cheng as Retarded Customer
黎明 Leon Lai as Dr Koh
张卫健 Dicky Cheung as Veterinarian
黄秋生 Anthony Wong as Suicide Customer
杜汶泽 Chapman To as Kam's Grandson
刘德华 Andy Lau as Andy Lau
李心洁 Angelica Lee as Retarded Customer GF
田蕊妮 Krystal Tin as Mamasan

Kam went for plastic surgery this time at her age of 80 years old but still look like 35 years old. Kam climb all her way up to the mountain to meet a young guy. This young guy just so happen to be her grandson that she's been looking for all these while.

The grandson wanted to suicide because of love, without notify him that she's her grandmother, Kam told him that he needs to appreciate his own life as she has face some difficulties in hers. Kam has a regular customer who come to find her for service. He offered Kam to become the liady boss but she reject. While they have sex, the customer try to suicide but failed. Not long later, Kam used all her money to open a restaurant and finally become a lady boss. But that was the time when SARS attacked.

While business is not doing well, Kam still become a part-time hooker. Kam used to have a retarded customers who has broke off with his girlfriend, and all his girlfriend left for him is just a hair. He try to cut a hair from Kam's body, but Kam shaved herself often to prevent from SARS. In the meanwhile, she met Dr Koh who is working in the hospital during SARS. Both of them bond a relationship as Kam help to support him. But in the end, Kam get sick. Retarded customer is so afraid Kam will died and find a veterinerian to look at her. In the end, the girlfriend came looking for the retarded customer and send him back to hospital.

Business and SARS is getting better, but Dr Koh has sacrifice himself. Not long later, Kwan, Kam's cousin brother came to find her. Kam thought about her passed. Eventually, the son that Kam send to Richard in the 1st movie is the son of Kwan. Kwan has always attracted Kam since they were young. But Kwan has been trying to trick Kam many times for money. But this time, he came back and pay back Kam a lot of money after he has been arrested to ICAC.

Kam did not manage to find her son but the grandson instead. While she was happy on this, she saw Andy Lau in the advertisement. And Mr Andy Lau has work his way up and become the chief officer in Hong Kong.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
This is a continuous of the 1st movie but the story is more reliable to HongKong economy crisis and SARS. And of coz the life of a a hooker as well. Jacky Chan's performance is good :) And i love the song that Sandra and Ronald sang... "Fei po Zhi gai lat sai mou...."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Golden Chicken 金雞

Released Year: 2002
Directed by 趙良駿 Zhao Liang-Jun

Casted by:
吳君如 Sandra Ng as 金如 Kam
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as James Bond
梁家輝 Tony Leung as Professor Chan
刘德华 Andy Lau as Andy Lau
胡軍 Hu Jun as Yeh
黄日华 Felix Wong as Richard
陳奕迅 Eason Chan as Steel Willy
張堅庭 Alfred Cheung as Dr. Cheung
田蕊妮 Krystal Tin as Mamasan
杜汶泽 Chapman To as Club Owner
李茏怡 Tiffany Lee as Kimmy

Disappointing Kam make her walk towards the bank ATM machine on a night and met James Bond the thieves who's trying to rob her. But sad enough, Kam only got HKD98 which is not even enough to be taken out (Min HKD100). Just when they struggling and arguing, the electricity stop.

Kam decided to tell James about her life as a hooker from 14 years old to 40 years old to calm James down. She told her about how she went to become hooker. She met Steel Willy who is a nerd and pay for her to scream his name loud. She also met the famous celebrities Andy Lau when she is working as a masseur.

Kam is not a pretty woman who gets a lot of business like her friend Kimmy, she can only work as a joker in the club and try to entertain all the bosses for tips. Until she was advice by Mamasan to earn more money for her future, she started to learn all the tactics and moaning which will attract man to find her again. But one day Kam discovered she was pregnant. She decided to go for abortion but was not success everytime, so she thought of finding a father for her unborn child.

She met Richard who is a good man as a father, rich and responsible. After one month, Kam told Richard that she is pregnant, Richard is willing to take care of the child, but Kam decided not to let her child know who she is. After she gave birth, Richard brought the child to US. Kam has to depends on Dr Cheung (Richard's family doctor) to know about her kid along all these year.

Later on, Kam decided to become a masseur. She met the funny and calculative Professor Chan and also the man who she loves the most, Yeh. Yeh never told her his cellphone number but let Kam guess on it. His number is 94851142. Everytime he will leave her a number which represent his number. Until the last time, Yeh asked Kam to lend him HKD50m. Without regret Kam gave her money to this man who she loves and Yeh promise to return her the money soon.

Time passed, the club owner has died and this make mamasan fall in depress. Economic crisis, Kam met Professor Chan again who is looking for job. Professor Chan taught Kam to create her own hooker place for business. Kam followed but business is not good. One day, Andy Lau came to her imagination and taught her how to become a sucessful hooker. And she did it.

Days passed, Kam went to see Dr Cheung again. Dr Cheung told her that Richard had passed away and that Richard actually know himself if not capable to give birth. Feeling sad and glad that Richard has took care of her child, she went for a drink. After that she went to the bank ATM for money and met James Bond.

Flash back to current time, Kam has been waiting 7 years for Yeh to return the money but no news at all. But this year, Yeh has return the debt with the amount of 94851142. Kam feel so happy and willing to help James Bond who need her help for the money.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
The movie is quite nice and yet told out the history of HongKong and a life of this woman. Sandra Ng has won her best actress in Golden Horse Awards. Once again, Sandra prove herself is not a comedian but an awards winner.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Couples Retreat

Released Year: 2009
Directed by Peter Billingsley

Casted by:
Vince Vaughn as Dave
Jon Favreau as Joey
Jason Bateman as JAson
Malin Akerman as Ronnie
Kristin Davis as Lucy
Kristen Bell as Cynthia
Carlos Ponce as SalvadoreStory:
There was 4 couples who find their life miserable. Dave & Ronnie who has 2 boys but Dave seldom wanna take care of the household things which make Ronnie feel tired. Joey and Lucy who has been married for a few years but cannot have any kids, therefore they are fooling around behind each others back. Jason and Cynthia who wanna get divorce because Jason is too demanding and self center on everything. Shane who met Trudy a girl that is 20 years old younger than him.

After being persuade by Jason & Cynthia, all of them went for this couples retreat therapy in Eden West. But when they reach, they found out Eden West is for couples while Eden East is for single party. Desperately Joey and Lucy try to sneak over there for fun. Their couples therapy is boring at first but the girls get excited when they see Salvadore, the hot yoga instructor.

Shane and Trudy has an argument and Trudy run to Eden East by herself. To get Trudy back, the whole gang (which obviously persuade by Joey & Lucy) went to Eden East. While going there, Cynthia cannot stands with Jason's self center and decide to go her way instead. The girls followed her and they met up Salvadore who's swimming naked in a pool. Asking for fun, Salvadore brought all the girls to party.

Eventually, the guys are there too. Dave & Ronnie discover on each other needs and promise to be tolerate with each others. Jason apologize and promise to Cynthia that he will not be selfish again. While watching Salvadore luring around on Lucy, Joey get jealous and win Lucy back. In another hand, Shane decided to broke off with Trudy because they are in different generation. But at the end he met his ex-wife Jennifer who came all her way to Eden to seek for a reunion.

The movie ends with all happy ending.
L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
Watch this movie with your love one and you will feel lovely :) Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau were one of the writer in this movie together with Dana Fox. Kinda relax and sweet of the movie, nothing too heavy just for me to spend my time while doing my count down with my love one.