Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reign Of Assassins 劍雨

Released Year: 2010
Directed by 蘇照彬 Su Zhao-Pin

Casted by:
杨紫琼 Michelle Yeoh as 曾静/细雨(整形后)
Jing/Drizzle (after surgery)
郑宇成 Jung Woo-Sung as 江阿生/张人凤(整形后)
Jiang/Feng (after surgery)
王学圻 Wang XueQi as 转轮王 LunZhuan
徐熙媛 Barbie Hsu as 叶绽青 Qing
余文乐 Shawn Yu as 雷彬 Lei
戴立忍 Leon Dai as 连绳 Sheng  
林熙蕾 Kelly Lin as 细雨 Drizzle (original)
郭晓冬 Guo Xiaio-Dong as 张人凤 Feng (original)
In the legend, some said if you can have the whole corpse of a wushu senior dead body, you will able to learn his kungfu and become the best of the best. In the dark side, a group of people lead by LunZhuan is called Black Stone. They decided to get the corpse, which is with Feng's family. Drizzle and Lei & Sheng killed all Feng's family just to get the corpse. But after Drizzle get it, she flee away.

A monk used his life to advise Drizzle about what's right and wrong. Drizzle bored of her life and went for a plastic surgery to change her face. Drizzle name herself Jing and stay in a small village. She met a guy name Jiang who has feeling for her. Both of them quickly fall in love with each other and Jiang marry Jing and both of them stay in the village happily. Until one incident, Jing forced to use her kungfu to save her husband and she was tracked down by the Black Stone.
To replace Drizzle, LunZhuan get a lusty bitch Qing and taught her kungfu. Together with Qing, Lei & Sheng, they went to look for Jing. A fight has make Sheng wanted to get the corpse for himself to heal the wounds. After a terrible fight, LunZhuan killed Sheng. Lei was also wounded seriously and went home before he died.

Qing accused LunZhuan the real reason of getting the corpse. And it seems like LunZhuan is an eunuch and hope the new kungfu can help him to grow back his manhood. Qing decided to leave and pissed off LunZhuan, finally she was killed too.

LunZhuan told Jiang about Jing real background, and surprisingly Jiang was Feng. He was not died in that slaughtering and managed to change a new face for a new life. The two couple fought, Jing used medicine to fake Jiang's death. Jing faced LunZhuan by herself and manage to tackle him down while she too badly hurt. On the next day, Jiang managed to get away the drowsiness of the medicine and save Jing who's almost died.

L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
This was not my first choise in the cinema during that night, but wow, luckily me and my friends went for it instead :) A movie which not to be missed in this year. Splendid martial kungfu fighting wushu film which took your breath away.

Michelle Yeoh looks so young in this film, definitely have to thanks to the magical make up :) Still love her but kinda weird when its not her original voice in the movie. Barbie definitely show all of us how a bitch should be :) hehe, not bad though, but i believe it will be better if her sister is taking this part~

The whole movie is nice, storyline is good, a bit predictable in the end but still manage to stunt u with all the actions they have in the fighting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Burr Steers

Casted by:
Zac Efron as Charlie St Cloud
Amanda Crew as Tess Carroll
Charlie Tahan as Sam St Cloud
Kim Basinger as Claire St Cloud
Charlie was a superb and facinated boat racer who always team up with his brother Sam. On once night, Claire, their mother asked Charlie to take care of Sam while she went out for shift duty. Charlie drove Sam out and both met an accident. Sam loss his life while Charlie continue to see his brother's spirit.

Charlie become down and demotivate ever since then. He stays and work in the cemetry as a garderner while teach his brother's spirit how to play baseball in the woods everyday when the bell ring as their promise. Until he met Tess who slowly open up his heart. Tess is also a boat racer and gonna achieve her own record by sailing across the globe. Before that she came to date Charlie. Both of them have a romantic night before Tess left.

The next day, Charlie saw Tess with bleeded head lying around the cemetry but she claimed that she's ok. After a few while, Charlie discovered that it was Tess' spirit who came back to look for him. Charlie based on his experienced finally get to found Tess in a deserted ocean side.
From that onward, Sam's spirit left and Charlie start a new life again.

L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:

As usual, I still love Zac, so cute. But i know, a lot of people just cant stand him. but why? aint he cute enough to make u wet? lolz~ ok, back to the movie, this is from the novel of Ben Sherwood's "The Death & Life of Charlie St Cloud". Splendid huh? the movie is surprisingly good. But its so sad, i kinda feel down after watching this movie, Charlie's life is so fcking dull and grey after his brother die....